Prince William: Royal writer claims he holds 'a degree of jealousy' over the success of the Invictus Games

Prince Harry’s Invictus Games’ success has left Prince William ‘jealous,’ according to a Royal expert. Here’s what’s happening!

Prince William Prince Harry 'jealousy' Invictus Games' documnetry Hulu Netflix deal
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Prince William Prince Harry 'jealousy' Invictus Games' documnetry Hulu Netflix deal

Healthy competition between friends or siblings has often been labelled good. However, what happens when this healthy competition translates into ‘jealousy’? This is what seems to be happening with the two Royal brothers - Prince Harry and Prince William.

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Princes Harry William have always had a ‘weird competition’ going on between them, according to Prince Harry’s previous statements. The Duke believed that the future King and Queen had always been ‘pitched against’ the Sussexes.

Prince William supposedly jealous over Prince Harry’s Invictus’ success

Ever since Prince Harry stepped down from his royal duties, the two brothers have been doing different things in their careers. Prince Harry - who founded the Invictus Games as patron of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - released a documentary about it, Heart of Invictus, with streaming giant Netflix under their £80M deal. On his end, Prince William has continued to be a working member of the Royal Family.

In August 2023, Heart of Invictus was a huge success when it was released by Netflix. Howewer, in February 2024, a new documentary on Prince Harry - Prince Harry's Mission: Life, Family, and the Invictus Games, was released on Disney-owned Hulu. The documentary has segments of experts talking about the Duke, the Royal Family, and the Invictus Games, reports The Mirror.

Speaking of Prince Harry’s persona when he’s involved with Invictus Games, an expert said he’s ‘in his element’ and ‘at his best.’ The success of Invictus urged a royal author, Robert Jobson, to claim that Prince William was ‘jealous’. He said:

I think there was a degree of jealousy about how well it had gone, I do think that William was surprised how much it had been such a success, and how much money had been thrown into it, and how many governments were getting involved.

Meanwhile, another expert noted that the Royal Family - who may own a cursed diamond - has stopped talking about the Invictus Games ever since Prince Harry stepped down from his royal duties in 2020. Reportedly, no senior royals have been seen at an Invictus event or have spoken out to support it in recent years.

Why did Hulu release a documentary on Prince Harry despite the Netflix deal?

Apart from key revelations like ‘jealousy and competition’ between the two brothers, the release of a new documentary about the Duke of Sussex on Hulu instead of Netflix also raised many questions. The documentary was released on Hulu on Sunday, February 25, 2024, and it may have been for two reasons.

Prince Harry has a £80M deal with Netflix, however, it is understood that the deal is going to end in the next couple of months and the couple may be in a big career crisis. Amidst this, PR expert Jane Owen believes that there could be only two reasons why the Invictus documentary didn’t make it to Netflix.

According to Express, Prince Harry would’ve taken due ‘permission’ from Netflix before working with a new network. Jane Owen explained:

There’s no way that Netflix didn’t know about the documentary. A deal like that with so much money would have had very specific regulations about what hoops Harry would have needed to jump through to make a show with another network.

Jane added that the decision to let Hulu have the documentary may either be a sign of a ‘cooling off period’ before the deal ends or something even bigger is in the works. She added:

It’s possible that Netflix had first refusal of the Documentary and let it go. They may be moving away and severing ties. Alternatively, it could be a power move of Netflix if they have something even bigger in the works with Harry.

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