Meghan Markle: Why returning to acting would be a 'step backwards' for her, according to an expert

It’s no secret that the Duchess of Sussex is trying to ‘rebuild’ herself in the US and her plans may not include returning to the acting world. Here’s why!

Meghan Markle tell-all memoir 2025
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Meghan Markle tell-all memoir 2025

Re-inventing yourself is one of the most challenging tasks for anyone, let alone a Royal Family member. Even if Meghan Markle is not ‘actively’ involved with the British Royal Family, she is a part of it.

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After the most talked about marriage in Royal history and bombshell Oprah interview, Meghan has a lot more to say. But would she say it this year?

Meghan Markle's 2024 re-launch may not include acting, here's why

As Meghan Markle tries to ‘re-launch’ herself in 2024, she is expected to have many plans. After Netflix and Spotify fail, The Sussexes are in desperate need to prove their worth in Hollywood as well as the UK. Amidst this Lynn Carratt from Press Box PR has claimed that returning to acting would be ‘unlikely’ for the Duchess.

She told The Mirror:

I believe it’s unlikely Meghan will return to acting in 2024 unless the role is as a lead in a Hollywood movie that could be an awards contender.

Lynn believes that going back to acting will be a major ‘step backwards in her career.’ She added:

She will definitely want to relaunch herself in 2024, but I think that will be as producer of their debut movie Meet Me at the Lake, her charity work and a memoir in 2025.

This comes after the most recent snub she received from her Suit Co-Stars. At the Golden Globes, the entire cast of Suits had a heartwarming reunion. However, Meghan Markle was notably absent from the scene.

Meghan - who played paralegal Rachel Zane in the hit legal drama - is, reportedly, not in touch with any of her co-stars. According to The Sun, when Gina Torres, who played Jessica Pearson on the show, was asked if Meghan was invited to the reunion, she said:

We don’t have her number.
We just don’t, so… She’ll see, she’ll watch. She’ll be happy that we’re here.

What other plans does Meghan Markle have for 2024?

Lynn believes Meghan’s ‘relaunch’ in 2024 is inevitable, especially after she recently changed her management. The relaunch could be in the form of a memoir. Rumouredly, the Duchess is working on a memoir that could provide answers to questions left out in Spare.

The tell-all memoir may be more of a truth than a rumour as the Sussex couple has a 4-book deal with Penguin Random House. Out of these 4 books in the contract, 2 have already been released - The Bench, June 2021 and Prince Harry’s Spare, 2023. As such, if the Sussexes have to fulfil the contract with the publishing house, 2 more books could be in the works.

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