MAFS expert Mel Schilling reveals her bowel cancer symptoms as she becomes cancer-free

Married At First Sight expert Mel Schilling has opened up about her cancer journey in a recent Instagram video. Let’s dive into everything we know about it.

Mel Schilling's bowel cancer symptoms revealed
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Mel Schilling's bowel cancer symptoms revealed

Married At First Sight’s coach and relationship expert Mel Schilling made everyone worry when she revealed her cancer diagnosis last year. Mel has been a constant part of both the Australian version of the show as well as the UK one. She revealed her diagnosis of colon cancer just over a week before Christmas, before undergoing surgery to remove the tumour - who she affectionately named ‘Terry.’

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Mel is now cancer-free and has taken it on herself to make others aware of the symptoms she experienced and when they should also take actions.

Mel Schilling shares her cancer update on social media

The 51-year-old posted a lengthy video to her social media and spoke about the symptoms she had for a while but ignored because of her busy schedule. According to MailOnline, she appeared in good spirits as she revealed her tumour was removed by doctors in the UK just before Christmas.

Mel shared that she began to feel unwell while filming both MAFS Australia and UK. She experienced terrible stomach cramps that were so bad she was ‘doubling over’ from pain. Adding on she explained that her digestive system had ‘shut down’ and she experienced vomiting as well.

However, the MAFS UK expert ignored all of it due to her back and forth journey from Australia to the UK. Mel said:

My body was quite literally screaming at me for attention and I wasn't listening.

According to her, her cramps were as if she was in ‘labour’ while the GP diagnosed it as constipation.

Mel Schilling’s cancer journey that made her stop eating her favourite food

Apart from severe pain, Mel’s cancer made her give up on one of the greatest pleasures of her life - food. She knew things were wrong when she was offered delicious food on the plane and she refused it all. Mel explained:

Eating is my great pleasures in life and so for me to be sitting on a plane being offered things like scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and champagne - all of my favourite things…
And to be turning them down and thinking well ''I just don’t even want a cup of tea''. - that was a warning sign for me.

This comes after Mel made it home just in time for Christmas after her surgery in December 2023. She disclosed at that time how she thought that her Christmas would be spent in the hospital as the 5cm tumour made her life horrible. Luckily, Mel is cancer free now and immensely thanked her fans and followers for their support, and urged followers to prioritise their health in 2024. She said:

I recorded this video to start sharing my bowel cancer journey with you.
I’ve tried to answer many of the questions you’ve asked and to offer some thoughts on getting better at health management in 2024.

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MAFS’ Mel Schilling: Everything we know about her cancer diagnosis as she returns home after surgery MAFS’ Mel Schilling: Everything we know about her cancer diagnosis as she returns home after surgery