Vladimir Putin: Thousands sign petition for his girlfriend to leave Switzerland

A petition has been launched since the beginning of March to kick Putin’s girlfriend out of Switzerland, due to her relationship with the Russian President.

Alina Kabaeva is known as an Olympic gymnastics champion. For several years, she has been rumoured to be in a long-term relationship with Vladimir Putin, who is thirty years her senior. The young and discreet companion of the Russian President doesn’t live in Russia but is said to have taken refuge in a chalet in the Swiss Alps.

A petition aimed at Alina Kabaeva

This information was the subject of a petition posted on Change.org in early March. Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians are behind this initiative, which demands that Alina Kabaeva leaves Swiss territory. The petition has been public for several weeks and already has over 54, 983 signatures.

But this initiative is not the only one, as a new petition was created on the same platform on 13 March 2022. In it, the callers and signatories attacked the Olympic titles obtained by Alina Kabaeva, who momentarily disappeared in 2020, demanding their official withdrawal, due to her proximity to Vladimir Putin, formerly married to Lyudmila Chkrebneva :

Alina Kabaeva, a decorated Olympian, should be stripped of all her Olympic titles and medals because of her complicity in backing and supporting a war criminal, murderer and tyrant who has willfully murdered innocent Ukrainian men, women and children, whilst she allegedly living in safety on democratic soil.

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Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Putin's shadowy companion?

The first rumours of a romantic relationship between Vladimir Putin and Alina Kabaeva date back to 2008 when he was still married to Lyudmila Chkrebneva, who was his wife for 25 years. Five years later, the Russian president and his wife, who had spoken out about his disturbing behaviour at home, announced the end of their relationship in a press release:

Our relationship is over, as we hardly ever see each other. Vladimir Vladimirovich is completely immersed in his work, our daughters have grown up, they each live their own lives,

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Vladimir Putin: Can his girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, really stop the war in Ukraine? Vladimir Putin: Can his girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, really stop the war in Ukraine?