Vladimir Putin: This is where his partner and children could be hiding

Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine, which he has been bombing for several days. In the face of danger, he now looks to protect his partner and children.

Vladimir Putin has begun an onslaught against Ukraine, intending to invade and take the nation. As he targets many Ukrainian cities, the Russian President is unsettling the whole globe. Faced with the threat, he chose an ideal location to conceal his partner Alina Kabaeva and his children.

Putin moves his family away from home

With tensions between Ukraine and Russia rising, Vladimir Putin went on the attack, declaring war on Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The president has launched repeated strikes on Kiev, Kharkiv, and Mariupol, which are now surrounded by Russian armies.

Millions of Ukrainians are fleeing as bombardment increases across the nation. As a result, the families are split apart. Due to the sheer conflict in Ukraine, Putin's partner Alina Kabaeva were forced to leave with their children. His safeguarding strategy is to keep them away from Russia.

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Alina Kabaeva where is she hidden with her children?

Most recently, Page Six revealed the potential whereabouts of Putin's family, writing:

While Putin is carrying out his assaults in Ukraine and attacking innocent citizens causing a refugee crisis, his family is hiding in a really private and secure chalet somewhere in Switzerland.

According to the tabloid, the pair allegedly have four children together. The source further says:

All of the kids have Swiss passports, and I'm sure she has as well.

Putin has never made his connection with the 38-year-old woman public, and has always been firm about it. Nonetheless, Alina Kabaeva's safety in Switzerland may be jeopardised now, as Russia termed Switzerland as an 'unfriendly' country today.

Vladimir Putin: His daughters may be hiding the Russian President's wealth Vladimir Putin: His daughters may be hiding the Russian President's wealth