Astrology: What type of partner are you based on your zodiac sign

When you’re in a relationship, what type of partner are you based on your zodiac sign? Find out now!

Zodiac signs can play a major role in your life, especially when it comes to how you perceive your relationship and your partner.


Male Aries are romantic and very affectionate when they are in a relationship with the person they love. However, they do like to dream, so stay clear of strict routines.

Female Aries will give everything they can to their partner despite their strong need for independence. She’ll need lots of affection and you’ll need to constantly prove you love her without being suffocating either. An Aries girlfriend or wife will help you reach the top.


Male Taurus is a romantic. He’ll bring stability to your relationship, but beware of infidelities.

Female Taurus are impulsive lovers, they want everything and they want in now. They tend to be explosive but also considerate and thoughtful. They need a partner that will help them keep calm.


Male Geminis are often seen as deceptive. Beware of male Geminis who may give you all the love in the world and then they’ll break your heart just like that.

Female Geminis are very emotionally intelligent and fulfil their partners. They will know you in a way no one else can.


Male Cancers are very attentive a will perform the smallest romantic gestures daily. Sweet, they know how to comfort you without saying a word.

Female Cancers are just as attentive but will be more reserved. It can be a challenge to date them because of their egotistical nature.

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Male Leos are full of themselves and often give the impression that they cannot love another person who isn’t them, however, this is just a façade. It can be hard to make a male Leo fall in love with you, but once he is, he will give you everything.

Female Leos are simply waiting to be loved. Similar to Aries, she’ll need a lot of attention and daily compliments. Her strong character can pose a problem as she will rarely say sorry or question herself.

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Male Virgos tend to be blunt and oppressive. Narcissistic, male Virgos tend to love themselves more than they love their partner. But that doesn’t stop them from being reliable and faithful.

Female Virgos will use their intelligence to their advantage in the relationship. Her sensitive and anxious nature will stop any spontaneity in the relationship. This means if one day you plan to propose, be sure to tell her about it in advance.


Male Libras like to be mothered. They are usually great partners but can treat you like you are their mother and take advantage of your skills.

Female Libras are usually solitary and fickle, the balance between the two can be demanding when in a relationship. She will never lower her expectations and won’t stand for any jealousy of possessiveness from her partner.


Male Scorpios are often chaotic. You can guarantee he’ll be passionate but at the same time, he doesn’t know what he wants, which can lead to a very unstable relationship.

Female Scorpios are very difficult to live with. She’ll always want to be right, she’s a stubborn romantic and also very passionate. Be warned, she will be difficult to please!


Male Sagittarius are not very tactful but they aren’t mean. You Sagittarius man is very chill, very generous and kind.

Female Sagittarius’ convictions, career and friends will come first. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have a profound sense of family.


Male Capricorns are passionate, stubborn but also rational. They live to be spontaneous.

Female Capricorns are huge romantics and never get jealous. They are extremely nice, sometimes too nice, which can lead to an outburst when things pile up too much.


Male Aquarius loves an innovative person, someone that stands out. So make a stand and surprise him every day.

Female Aquarius is eccentric, independent and honest, making her the ideal partner.


Male Pisces are gentle, sweet and kind but they can daydream a bit too much and be in their own little world.

Female Pisces is either all or nothing. If she wants you, she won’t hide it but if you anger her, you better be prepared for what comes next.

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