Pink mould: The slimy build-up in your shower could be dangerous, here's how to clean it up

You can get seriously sick from the slimy pink build-up in your bathroom shower.

pink mould bacteria growing in your bathroom shower
© Max Rahubovskiy
pink mould bacteria growing in your bathroom shower

You should be taking special pains to clean the dirtiest part of your bathroom. Also, do not store your perfume in the bathroom or flush your pet's poo down the toilet.

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Along with these hygiene measures, here's something crucial you must not miss when cleaning your bathroom: the shower stall.

You might have noticed a pink or orange-ish coloured slimy build-up on the edges of your shower stall. These might also appear as pinkish streaks on toilet bowl or sinks.

Pink mould on your shower and sink

As Forbes reports, despite what 'pink mould' is popularly called, it's not mould at all: it’s bacteria.

The two most common bacteria that causes these pink shower slime are Serratia marcescens and Aureobasidium pullulans. The colour happens due to the pigment produced by the bacteria, called prodigiosin.

Pink mould is nothing like the dreaded black mould Pixabay

These bacteria usually are not directly harmful to healthy humans. But coming in contact with them through eyes or open wounds might lead to infections. These bacteria could also be harmful for immunocompromised people or even your household pets.

How to clean & prevent pink mould properly

When you see pink mould festering in your bathroom, do clean it asap. It's very easy to remove. Any good cleaning solution should do the trick.

In case, the pink mould is caused due to water contamination or sewage problem, do consult professional cleaners.

In order to prevent pink mould in your bathroom, this is what Forbes advises you to do:

  • Pink mould thrives in warm damp environment, so ensure that your bathroom air is as dry as possible. Use an exhaust fan if necessary.
  • Dry your shower walls or curtains. You can use antimicrobial shower curtain liners and bathmats to prevent microbial growth.
  • Wash your shower curtain often.
  • Regularly give your bathroom including the shower, sink and toilet a thorough clean.

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