Wearing high heels can boost your chances of orgasming, study finds

According to this new study, size does indeed matter—but only when it comes to the height of the heel of your footwear.

A group of researchers found women who wear shoes that have heels at least two inches or taller to be likelier to achieve climax than those who do not.

Can taller heels induce orgasms?

Per chance, scientists who were initially looking into the impact different shoe heights have on women's pelvic floor muscles found that the higher the heel the greater the chance of orgasms.

Keeping up with pelvic floor exercises has been known to be favourable for urinary incontinence, treating pelvic organ prolapse as well as generally being good for one's sex life. The NHS's official guidance says:

Strong pelvic floor muscles can also mean increased sensitivity during sex and stronger orgasms. Strengthening and training the pelvic floor muscles can help also reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

The researchers, from Shanghai’s Fudan University, explained that when women stand up while wearing high heels, the pelvis repeatedly contracts and remains engaged effectively. This was most clearly observed with women who wore two inch heels for at least eight hours a day.

Caution must be taken

Shoes that were too high or too flat, on the other hand, showed zero stimulation of the pelvic floor muscle. They also explained that although wearing high heels might be good for that specific muscle, caution should be taken to avoid complications from arising when wearing heels for too long. They explained:

Wearing high heels may cause several deleterious effects on the back, knees, and lower leg pain. High heels can impact foot arches. Because high heels cause tendons to weaken and do not properly support the feet, women who wear high heels are at risk, especially those who spend extensive amounts of time standing up.
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