A Young Man Was Clinically Dead For 20 Minutes And This Is What He Saw

A Young Man Was Clinically Dead For 20 Minutes And This Is What He Saw

When the doctors were ready to pronounce him dead, this teen’s heart suddenly started to beat again. And when he woke up, he said he’d seen Jesus.

Zack Clements is a true medical marvel. Even though he was a sporty teen, the 17 year old suddenly collapsed and was taken to the ER where doctors were on the verge of pronouncing him dead. His heart had stopped beating for almost 20 minutes, and then he suddenly woke up.

It was an incredible phenomenon that neither hospital personnel nor his family could figure out. But the most surprising part of this story was what Zack said when he woke up. The teen explained that, although his heart had stopped beating, a man suddenly appeared in front of him.

As he looked closer, he began to realise that this man, with long hair and beard, was none other than Jesus. When Zack approached him, Jesus put his hand on Zack’s shoulder and told him that everything was going to be okay.

A few seconds later, Zack’s heart started again, to the great surprise of his doctors, which was so shocking and surprising that his parents were convinced it was a miracle.

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Check out the video above to hear what Zack had to say about his experience...

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