Your go-to sex position can reveal a lot about your personality according to this expert

As with many things, your passion in bed could say a lot about your relationship with your cuddle partner. Doggy style, 69, missionary. A specialist coach tells you more.

‘Tell me what sexual position you love, and I'll tell you who you are.’ This is the promise made by Kaitlin Klarer, a British coach and expert in sexual matters. For The Sun, she explained what the choice of sexual positions during intimate moments together can reveal about the couple's personality.

Your favourite sexual position says a lot about you

If your favourite colour, favourite type of film or ideal ice cream flavour says a lot about your personality, so do the things you do when you're intimate—or at least that's what 31-year-old expert Kaitlin Klarersays.

According to her, much can be revealed by a couple's choice of sexual positions. For example, if the classic, but effective missionary is favoured, there is a strong ‘desire to connect with their partner’.

Doggy style

A classic of sexual preference in a couple (or not, for that matter), doggy style, which has new variations, was also put under the expert's microscope. According to her, favouring the doggy style would be the best way for the one penetrating to ‘get off’, while for the one being penetrated it would be a way to ‘get it over and done with’. Did you say quickie? Doggy style is the most popular in the US and the second most popular in the UK.


Here Kaitlin Klarer focuses on a preliminary part of the sexual act: the 69. But it is also a preference of many couples. What can we learn about ourselves if we prefer the 69? This sexual position is for people who feel more ‘adventurous’ and than others, and those who like to experiment. So it takes a bit of a higher level of madness to put this position ahead of everything else.

This article was translated from Gentside FR.

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