This sex position is perfect for reaching your partner's G-spot

Do you want to break the routine to give yourself maximum pleasure? This sex position is perfectly ideal for stimulating your partner's G-spot.

Reaching your partner's G-spot to increase pleasure in bed is not easy. But some positions allow you to achieve this more easily than others. This position is one of those which offers the most possibility of stimulating the centre of pleasure of your partner or companion, but it requires a little physical agility.

How to perform the acrobat position

As the specialized site, Bad Girls Bible explained, the acrobat is an ideal position to reach the G-spot of the penetrated person. It requires the penetrating partner to lie on their back. Then, their partner sits on their hips with their back to their partner's front, just like the reverse cowgirl position.

Now comes the tricky part: once on their knees and from behind, the penetrated partner must lie on their partner's body while trying to keep their knees in contact with the surface. If you have trouble visualizing how to perform this position, you can consult the image above which should clear things up.

Ideal for stimulating the G-spot and other erogenous zones

Once in this position, mobility is quite limited: the penetrated partner can't do much more than move their hips or use their hands to steady themselves. They can, however, stimulate other areas of their own body during penetration.

For their part, the penetrating partner is responsible for helping their lover to maintain a good balance while setting the rhythm of the lovemaking by exerting pressure. For example, they can control their hips by sliding them up and down, with the goal of reaching the infamous G-spot. They can also use their hands to stimulate their partner's chest or clitoris if necessary.

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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