Sex: Most common accidents that happen during intercourse

Sex is anything but smoothing sailing, but it's the bumps along the way that make it memorable.

Sex is all about trial and error, especially when you’re really trying to spice things up. Little accidents here and there are nothing out of the ordinary, but we understand that it can get slightly awkward at times. You can, however, rest assured that you are not the only one slipping up under the sheets!

Here are the most common accidents all sexually active people experience while going ham.

During foreplay

Foreplay is like getting an entrée in your full course meal. You’re so hungry and excited to get that first bite that sometimes you forget the food is hot, and so you end up burning yourself.

Similarly in the heat of the moment, many people make accidents during foreplay as well. You get stuck while taking off your clothes, you forget that you have garlic breath after dinner, and the worst is when some people forget their nails are long and they end up internally scratching their partner’s vagina—ouch!

Another common accident that happens during foreplay is when a penis-owner ejaculates where they’re not supposed to… like in their partner's eyes. Semen may not be blinding, but it certainly does sting.

During sex

Testing new positions allows you to break from your vanilla routine and discover sensations you never knew existed. But getting into those Kama Sutra-style positions isn't the easiest thing to do, and when it comes to sex positions, it’s not a one-size fits all scenario. Differing heights and weights in participants makes it hard to manoeuvre tough sex moves, which can lead to pains and cramps developing in awkward parts of the body.

For women, especially, deep penetration can often trigger dreaded vaginal flatulence—an odourless release of air from the vagina that sounds like a lot like a fart. That being said, it’s not unusual if a normal anal fart also gets released in the process of having sex.

Finally, condoms are a great way to protect yourself from STDs and unwanted pregnancies, but there have been a number of mortifying accidents that have happened because of them. For instance, sometimes a condom can get stuck far up inside the vaginal cave during coitus. If this happens to you, do not panic—it’s not lost inside your body. Just head to the emergency room and have it extracted by a professional.

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