Green sex: The latest sex trend you need to know about

Are you familiar with green sex? It is one of the most striking trends in sexuality that focuses on caring for the environment.

Going green in bed is not a recent phenomenon. It first appeared in the general public in 2016 as a way of having sexual experiences that were more environmentally friendly.

But does sex also leave a measurable carbon footprint? Green sex advocates say yes.

The United Nations Population Fund estimates that about 10 billion latex (plastic) condoms are manufactured each year, which, of course, end up in the trash—if not on a beach, riverbank or the wasteland.

How can the impact of sex on the environment be reduced? That's what green sex is all about. Get to know it and practice it, above all.

Vegan condoms

Safe sex, yes. But why not recyclable? Condoms are made from polymers that cannot be reused in the future.

In ancient times, before plastic was ever a thing, condoms were made from sheepskin. But they were not exactly effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases. So what is the solution to practising green sex?

Vegan condoms. Yes, they exist! There are even Spanish brands that manufacture and distribute them. They are made of synthetic rubber that is biodegradable. This Spanish company, Confortex, has also created its own line of 100% vegan lubricants.

Biodegradable sex toys

It's not just condoms that can reduce the impact of living a sex-filled life without harming the environment. You can use sex toys that you can charge instead of the ones which require disposable batteries. You can also opt for products that are sustainable and local in order to reduce your ecological footprint.

Even actions like buying sustainable underwear (that are made from recycled cotton) or bamboo or using candles to set a romantic mood instead of electricity, can go a long way!

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