Pegging: here's a run-down of everything you need to know

Ever wondered what pegging is and how to do it? Well, look no further - here's a complete guide!

Guide pegging sex
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Guide pegging sex

In case you weren’t already aware, anal play can bring a whole new level of satisfaction and vulnerability into the bedroom. But why save all the fun for yourself when you could offer your partner the same penetrative experience. That’s right; we’re talking pegging.

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Pegging: an introduction

Coined back in 2001 by sex columnist Dan Savage, pegging is a term used to describe penetrative sex with a man with the aid of a strap-on dildo. While typically referring to heterosexual sex, pegging can also involve woman-on-woman action.

While everyone’s experience with anal play is different, pegging can be a great way to bring a new level of intimacy to sex. The role reversal aspect of pegging helps both parties better understand what the other feels during the deed, all while delivering a healthy boost of power to the now-dominant pegger.

Experimenting with pegging in the bedroom

If both parties are consenting and excited to literally switch things up, then it’s time to move on to the preparation aspect—toy shopping.

Shopping for the right strap-on can be quite the bonding experience. It’s essential to pick equipment comfortable for the penetrator to wear, but it’s equally important to consider the receiver’s preferences, as size, shape, and vibration can change the whole experience.

Lube is your friend!

Any type of anal sex can understandably conjure up the fear of pain, but it’s nothing a little lube can’t fix!

Water-based lube is generally the best option when it comes to toys as it won’t degrade the silicone and is easy to wash off. Water-based lubes are also condom friendly, perfect for those who use a prophylactic for keeping their toys clean.

Many people also prefer silicone-based lubricants for pegging because of their super slippery sensation. However, these lubes aren’t very toy or condom friendly and degrade silicones and jelly over time.

Top tip: Lube can be messy, and as the rumours have it, so can anal play, so it’s good practice to save your sheets and lie a towel down.

Best positions for pegging

Now you have all the accessories prepared; you can finally get down and dirty. But, pegging is more than just penetration. Here are a few other things to consider:

Fist and foremost: foreplay

When pegging, it’s important to slowly work up to the main event. The anus is surrounded by a muscle called the sphincter, which is usually designed to keep things in—and as a result, keep things out. Foreplay can help the receiver relax this muscle, so make sure your partner is aroused. Start off with your finger or a butt plug to warm things up and prolong the experience.

Make sure the receiver is comfortable

Almost any sexual position can be used for pegging depending on the flexibility of your chosen strap-on, but some are better to start with than others.

Doggy-style is always an easy go-to for penetration, but it can be hard to see whether your partner enjoys the experience. If you and your lover are new to pegging, then it’s a good idea to start with positions like spooning and reverse cowboy, which allows the receiver to be in charge of depth and pace.

After you’ve both become more comfortable with your new roles in the bedroom, you can branch out and try riskier positions. Couples that enjoy the dominant/submissive aspect of pegging may even get an extra kick by introducing handcuffs and blindfolds.

Positions where the receiver’s legs are in the air or over your shoulders are also perfect for prostate stimulation, giving your partner the best chance for achieving an orgasm. To make the experience even more explosive, you could even reach around and play with your partner during penetration.

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