5 ideas to spice up your sex life

They get you going, they're important, and they turn you on... foreplay! We know all the classics when it comes to this activity, so here is an original list of preliminaries that it would be a shame not to try out!

Foreplay should be seen as an introduction that can last as long as you want. This very important stage contributes to the arousal of both partners, but it can also be seen as the discovery of the other's body and the development of a bond.

We are not going to get into the topics of fellatio or cunnilingus, but rather other techniques which are more original and just as exciting.

The kitchen

Check in the fridge for whipped cream and in the cupboard for chocolate sauce, then spread it all over your partner, from above the breast to the bottom of the stomach. Take the time to enjoy it all, using your tongue!

And when summer arrives, move on to ice cubes! Don't forget the neck, one of the main erogenous zones!


Play a game, use a sex toy, a scarf, his tie, handcuffs...

You can also take an erotic questionnaire!

Use your eyes

Take the time to undress in front of each other, to feel the desire rise. And if you feel like doing it, how about a strip-tease!

Masturbate in front of each other.


Have some fun with your partner and suggest that they take up some mini-challenges: try to arouse the other without using your hands for example. No kissing for 3 minutes... whoever loses has to do whatever the other says…

Use your imagination

Before you meet up with your partner, send him or her an email or message with a scenario of what you want to do with them tonight. Don't hesitate to dirty talk!

Take out an erotic book from your library and start reading aloud...

To find out more, check out the video above!

How to spice up your sex life in a long distance relationship How to spice up your sex life in a long distance relationship