3 ways to cultivate a sex-positive mindset

Often overlooked, a sex-positive mindset is very important in order to have a healthy sex life. Here’s why.

Sex is a vital part of human life. Our thoughts and opinions about this natural process are often influenced by many factors. For instance, they can be influenced by culture, upbringing and even experiences. Sex is considered a taboo topic in many places, where it is perceived as negative to talk about. However, there should be no shame in accepting this act of nature.

The social norms

Whether consciously or unconsciously, some people experience sex-negativity without even realising it. Texas-based sex educator Goody Howard shared with Healthlinethat these thoughts are the results of deep-rooted ‘taboo’ practices that the conservative society claims sex to be. Howard explained:

Sex negativity is telling girls to put on more clothes even on the hottest day before they leave the house… It’s admonishing parents for breastfeeding in public even though that’s what breasts were made for.

How to be sex-positive

Sex-positivity is the acceptance of one's sexuality and body just the way it is. It is the acceptance of one’s desires, pleasures and gender without any judgement. A non-judgemental mindset is essential to be sex-positive. As per PsychCentral, here are some ways in which you can practice sex-positivity:

  • Enjoy your body: Your body is a temple, and have a healthy relationship with your body, no matter how you look physically. This will help you explore your fantasies, with or without a partner, in the best way possible. And will help you figure out what you do and don’t like in the bedroom.
  • Communication is the key: Overall, communication plays a big part in healthy sex life. Communicate with your partner, share your likes and dislikes and have fun in the bedroom. This creates an easy flow between you and your partner.
  • Acceptance: A non-judgemental perception is a must in order to be sex-positive. Remember that everyone has different desires and fantasies, and no one should feel guilty about their sexual desires.

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