3 overrated sex positions you need to stop doing now

Sex is the most incredible thing on this planet if everyone involved knows what to do with each other. Regardless, these positions are just hyped for no reason.

3 overrated sex positions you need to stop doing now
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3 overrated sex positions you need to stop doing now

Thanks to porn and televisions, a lot of expectations towards sex is just impractical. Not everything that people witness on-screen is as hot as they expect in real life. Many positions might appear to look good, but some of these sex positions are just more work than pleasure. These sex moves may look simple, fail-safe, and easily doable, but that is not the case. Here are the three most overrated sex positions that you can stop doing like right now!

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This is the biggest hoax in terms of being a sex position. The theory suggests that the needs of both the parties are met while performing this, but if you have tried this, you know it’s not true. For starters, there’s a possibility of getting kneed by your partner, you constantly try to hold balance off each other and try not to get distracted by the pleasure the other person is giving you as you have to return the favour. So, who really enjoys this position? Moreover, it’s not a practical position unless you both are the same height!

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Shower sex

Granted, this isn't technically a 'sex position' but this steamy hot shower scene that you see on-screen is, in reality, good for nothing!! Shower sex is actually just one of you being cold as people believe it is steamy, but they overlook the fact that hot water only lasts so long. While the other person is just getting waterboarded. And as if that were not it, half of your focus is devoted to finding the perfect balance to avoid slipping, sliding or falling down to get injured. There’s hardly any time to actually enjoy the sex or the shower, really. Why do we do this, again?

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Reverse cowgirl

Sex needs to be passionate and fun, even if it’s not with the love of your life. So, who made this position so famous and why? This sex position offers no eye contact that makes sex ‘oh! so hot!’ Your partner has to stare at your shapely posterior bopping up and down and you’d probably be staring at the wall or that pile of clothes. This happens to be the least passionate position that offers no other bodily touch otherwise. How is that hot for anyone?

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