These Were Princess Diana's Last Words, According To The Fireman Who Tried To Save Her

Xavier Gourmelon, the fireman who was in charge at the scene of the accident, revealed Princess Diana's last words before she passed away.

It's been over 21 years since the death of the Princess of Wales who died on the Alma Bridge in Paris. Her partner Dodi Al-Fayed and her driver Henri Paul also died in the crash. Xavier Gourmelon was one of the first on the scene and was in charge of the operation.

Xavier Gourmelon’s response

Bound by professional confidentiality, the fireman was unable to release a statement on the night of the accident. Today, he is no longer in the service and revealed to The Sun:

She was still breathing […] She moved very slightly. I knew straight away that she was still alive. I held her hand and assured her that I was there to help her and that the paramedics would be there soon.

Xavier hadn’t recognized Lady Di.

I gave her oxygen and I was by her side when she was removed from the car. It was very quick since we didn’t have to cut through any metal.

The princess’ last words

The princess was too weak and in shock. In a last effort, she managed to utter a few words that the man has kept secret up until this day.

Lady Di’s heart stopped soon after, but Xavier didn’t give up.

I gave her CPR and she started to breathe again. Honestly, I was convinced that she was alive when I was trying to save her. When she went in the ambulance, I seriously thought that I had done what was necessary to save her.

Princess Diana’s death was announced a few hours later. A sad yet memorable encounter for Xavier Gourmelon.

Take a look at the interview with Xavier Gourmelon above, where he reveals the Princess' last words.

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