The Queen agreed to see Harry and Meghan 'only if they met Prince Charles first', insider reveals

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a short visit to Prince Charles and the Queen to extend an olive branch to the royal family.

The Sussexes paid their first visit to the royal family earlier this week since Megxit and the brutal Oprah accusations. And reportedly, the Queen insisted that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry meet Prince Charles before meeting Her Majesty. According to Daily Mail, the meeting might determine the Duke and Duchess' future as Royals.

Olive branch to the royal branch

The couple paid a quick visit to Windsor Castle and met Prince Charles before meeting the Queen. The meeting was warmly welcomed by the Queen as Prince Harry’s timing is significant as it is a special time for the Queen. The monarch sees Easter as an opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation and forgiveness. However, Daily Mail reports that the meeting wasn’t as seamless as it appeared. Apparently, the Queen insisted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle meet Prince Charles ahead of their meeting with her.

The Queen yet again demonstrated her own red lines, much as she did during the Megxit when she ordered that the Sussexes' exit from Britain be monitored by Prince Charles. The Duke of Sussex offered an olive branch to his father whom he had previously blasted for cutting him off financially. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle met Charles around 10 a.m. on Thursday for 15 minutes and Camilla is believed to have joined the meeting midway – despite the rumours that she will be criticised in the duke’s forthcoming biography. Regardless, if there is a potential reconciliation in the future, these meetings are crucial.

Water under the bridge

Considering the delicate health of the Queen, it is believed that the visit was not a last-minute gesture. Post his meeting with Prince Charles, the Sussexes went on to meet Her Majesty. Both Prince Charles and the Queen are expected to accept Prince Harry back with open arms as an insider claimed:

He [Prince Charles] loves his son and he has been broken-hearted by everything that has taken place, although he fears history repeating itself with Harry just as it did with Princess Diana. But he also wants to keep the door open and keep talking, something he still regrets not doing with Diana.

And describing the atmosphere of the meeting with the Queen as ‘a lot less edgy’, a royal source confirmed that Prince Harry has been a grandma’s favourite despite everything. The source added:

To this day whenever she hears that Harry is on the phone her eyes light up.
This has been a deeply troubling time for the Royal Family and the Queen would dearly love to put the recent bitterness behind her.

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