Prince Harry desperate to see Queen Elizabeth II amidst health scare

After hearing about his grandmother’s health concerns, sources confirm that Prince Harry has been urgently planning a trip to England.

Prince Harry and the Queen
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Prince Harry and the Queen

Panic has swept royal households from London, all the way to California, after it was revealed the Queen hasn’t been in the best shape. Prince Harry is said to have reacted very badly to the news that the monarch was hospitalised on 20 October.

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Queen’s health condition

The Queen spent the night in a hospital after she did some preliminary tests that left her in a weakened state. While the Queen was discharged the very next day, medical professionals have advised her to forgo any official visits for the time being. As a result, her trip to Northern Ireland and her presence in COP26, due to begin on 1 November, has been cancelled.

It’s been 15 years since the Queen last called off an official visit, and Prince Harry is now rushing to be by his grandmother’s bedside as soon as possible.

Prince Harry’s concern

An unconfirmed source told US Weekly that the prince was already feeling guilty about not being around for his grandfather’s final moments, and added that he ‘would never forgive himself if the same thing happened with his beloved grandmother.’ The insider said:

He felt helpless being 5,000 miles away in Montecito, [California,] and has been checking-in non-stop with her.

According to the source, Prince Harry is planning to go back to the UK before Christmas with the family so that the Queen can finally meet her namesake, Lilibet, and see Archie once again.

The monarch has caught a glimpse of her great-granddaughter during at least one of their video conference calls, but she has not been able to physically hold the new Sussex baby. It has also been a long time since she’s locked eyes on Archie as well, and Majesty Magazine's editor Ingrid Seward revealed that the Queen hasn’t been happy about it. She said:

She has hardly seen Archie since she was born, which is a real source of sadness for her.
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