Try the 'voluptuous glider' sex position to spice things up in bed

Today, we’re going to explain a position that the Kama Sutra has dubbed the ‘voluptuous glider.’ Keep reading to find out more.

The voluptuous glider is a sex position that does not involve levitating with your partner during intercourse, so rest assured. In fact, this position from the Kama Sutra is actually very easy to perform.

Get into position

To spice up your sexual exploits and perform the voluptuous glider, the couple will need to lie down on the bed. The woman will lie down on her stomach with the man perpendicular to her back. And since it’s quite similar, this position would be good to move into after positions like spooning, for example.

When they are in this position, the woman will be able to squeeze her partner’s thighs with her legs.

Move in rhythm together

This voluptuous glider allows the pair to enjoy and move in rhythm together. The man will also have plenty of time to gaze excitedly at his partner’s bum and back.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that this position in the Kama Sutra is very similar to doggy style in terms of how it feels, but it is more romantic and more cuddly in comparison. Your turn to give it a try now!

Check out the video above for more technical information!

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