Here are 5 ideas to try out during foreplay to spice up your sex life

It gets you going, it turns you on and without it, things aren't as good... yes, we're talking about foreplay! Here's an original list of things you'd be sorry not to try!

Here are 5 tips that will spice up your foreplay game!
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Here are 5 tips that will spice up your foreplay game!

Foreplay has been seen for the longest time as a mere introduction but it is a crucial stage in the process of love making.

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It turns both partners on, it increases excitement as well as curiosity. Foreplay can be a time of discovery of each other’s bodies and it can create a sense of complicity and intimacy.

While the classic fellatio and cunnilingusareamazing, they’re not the focus of this article.

Prepare to learn about more original and equally successful techniques!

Be hungry

First step, open your fridge.

Then, look for the whipped cream. If that is not to your taste you can always open a cupboard and find the spread you love the most.

Third step is to spread it over your partner’s body. From above their nipples to the bottom of their stomach.

The fourth and most important step is to take your time. Enjoy it. Take the time to use your tongue in ways you never have before. Explore.

The best part about this technique is that this recipe is adaptable to the hotter season (pun intended). In the summer, use ice cubes!

Oh and pro tip: don't forget the neck. It’s often a sensitive spot!

Here are 5 tips that will spice up your foreplay game!  Joey Nicotra / UNSPLASH

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Sextoys, a scarf, a tie, handcuffs... look around you and find new things to bring into your sexy time.

If toys aren’t your thing you can also try out a game or even create your own erotic questionnaire! Be creative! And have fun!

Don’t touch, just yet

Sex is a very sensory experience and sometimes that is forgotten. We rush into things when really we should take the time to build things up.

Now, what about slowly undressing in front of each other? Appreciating the body that you are seeing, feeling the desire rise. You can even strip for each other, one at a time.

Something else that works really well is masturbating in front of your partner, keeping them at a distance so they can watch.

All that to make the moment of contact even sweeter.

Be playful and daring (with consent)

Sex is not just about pleasure, it’s also about having fun and connecting with your partner.

Maybe, you could suggest mini challenges: arouse the other without using your hands, touch with no kissing for 3 minutes... and whoever loses will have to carry out the challenge chosen by the other.

And, if you’re into dressing up and playing out scenarios you can also try role-playing

Create an image

As we’ve been saying, foreplay is there to warm you up. But that doesn’t mean it necessarily needs to be done solely at home or while you’re in the same room.

For example, you could write your partner a text about something you’re dying to do together and hit send before the two of you meet up. There you can use any kind of language you’re comfortable with but the goal is to create an image in their head that will build anticipation.

You could also take out your favourite erotic book, reading out loud and send them a voice note.

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5 ideas to spice up your sex life 5 ideas to spice up your sex life