This is what men think about to delay ejaculation

A new study has come out revealing the tricks that some men are using to delay ejaculation to last longer in bed.

This is what men think about to delay ejaculation
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As you know, when it comes to sex, your partner may struggle with premature ejaculation, which is a very common occurrence. This situation could arise due to several factors: the self-induced pressure to perform, stress or even discomfort between you and your partner.Zava, an online service of doctors and pharmacists, have looked into the ways some men use to delay orgasm.

What do men think about to delay ejaculation?

For this study, the British site questioned a panel of 1,024 men and women aged between 17 and 75, all living in Europe or in the United States. The study found that 96% of men admitted to having already delayed an orgasm to lengthen their sexual intercourse with their partner.

Some participants in this survey said they thought about work or an "unattractive" person to prolong sex. Others prefer to use penile pressure or sex toys to avoid ejaculation. According to one doctor:

Many men fear that premature ejaculation will prevent them from satisfying their partner during sex. Fortunately, the possibilities for pleasure can continue beyond ejaculation. 91% of men reported that they give their partner pleasure after reaching orgasm.

How to delay ejaculation?

Moreover, the volunteers of this study gave their technique to delay ejaculation. According to 63% of them, changing position during the sexual relation would help to avoid premature ejaculation. For 48%, taking a break would also be a good solution.

The use of a condom can also not only prevent unwanted pregnancies and STI but they can also help men in lasting longer in bed. One Zava collaborator said:

A condom allowed them to reach orgasm more slowly and only a tiny portion of those who tried it said it accelerated their orgasm.