This is Autassassinophiliam the rather dangerous sexual practice

Some people’s sexuality extends outside the ‘norms' of society. Today, however, we’re only interested in one area: Autassassinophilia.

This is Autassassinophiliam the rather dangerous sexual practice
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Paraphilia: marginal sexual practices

When someone is described as having a paraphilia, they have fantasies that repeatedly lead to intense sexual arousaland/or urges or behaviour involving paraphilic sexual activity for at least 6 months.

When we talk about paraphilic sexual activity, we are referring to marginal practices. For example, some people get excited when they see objects being crushed and this is known as a ‘crush fetish.’

There are many types of paraphilias which you can find in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. The long list includes paraphilias that you will probably have heard of before, such as voyeurism, exhibitionism, sadism and masochism and fetishism and transvestism.

What is autassassinophilia?

Today, we’re looking at autassassinophilia, which is the name given to the kink in which a person becomes sexually aroused when they are in dangerous situations. This includes activities involving weapons, violence and even fear-provoking situations like hearing strange noises that might make you think that someone’s breaking into their home.

Autassassinophilia is also used to describe when someone gets excited about the idea of risk and life-threatening situations. So, as you may have figured, this can get quite out of hand and can lead to some rather strange sexual exploits!

We have already explained spectrophilia… when someone claims to have had sex with paranormal beings. Now that’s something else!

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