These are the signs that he doesn't want a serious relationship

On first dates, doubts may arise about his true intentions. During this era of dating applications, it is well known that some are interested only in carnal pleasures, while others hope for a real relationship.

Here are some signs that can help you to clarify things, and therefore know a little more about his intentions in order to help you protect yourself.

1. If he has given you too many cuddles and compliments during your first dates, this means he is hiding something. You have to take the time at the beginning of a relationship.

2. He never introduces you to his friends and you only see each other when alone.

3. He avoids serious conversation about the 'exclusive relationship.'

4. He's always busy during the week and only sees you on the weekends.

5. He only replies to messages that interest him and involve a date. Otherwise, he only sends you messages at night.

6. He only offers to meet you at home, without ever suggesting to go somewhere else. Look at all the activities you do together. If it's only the action in the bedroom that brings you together, it's a pretty bad sign.

7. Is he the kind of person who goes home quickly after you have had sex?

8. Does he pay attention to your feelings and what you tell him? If he is not listening and you see that what he is most interested in is the next step, namely the physical aspect, that is not a good sign either...

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