These are the best sex positions for when you're pregnant

What are some the best sex positions to practice with your partner when you are pregnant?

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you should stop getting it on with your significant other, right? The tricky part is that now that you have a tiny human being growing inside of you, you might not be as supple and limber as you once were.

As a result, you're going to have to switch up the way you have sex in order to optimize comfort while still keeping it hot and steamy for all parties involved. So what are the best sex positions for couples that are expecting?

The top two positions

Basically, what you must know is that with your belly growing as big as a watermelon, you won't be able to handle as much weight or pressure on top of you. So you're going to have to rule out missionary right off the bat.

Instead, the top two positions to try out when you're carrying a baby inside of you is any variation of the 'cowgirl' (reverse cowgirl, woman on top, etc.) and the spooning position. The reason you should prioritize these two is because the former lets the woman have complete control of the motion and the sensation (allowing her to stop if any pain should arise) while the latter requires very little effort from her.

Both these positions allow for maximum comfort while still making room for intense thrusting pleasure to be had.

Wanna spice things up even more?

But if you're feeling extra frisky (which is more-than-likely to happen considering the complete and utter rollercoaster your hormones are surely going through), then perhaps the traditional sense of heteronormative sex should be put on the back burner.

What you should be looking into is anal sex. Though many cringe at the thought, it can be very pleasurable when done right. And plus, with a baby growing in your uterus, taking it from your derrière might alleviate any worries of going at it too vigorously.

Another option to consider is laying down on your back and have your partner perform lengthy oral sex on you because, lets face it, the back pain you have been subjected to for the past few months is no laughing matter!

These are the top three best sex positions if you're looking to get pregnant These are the top three best sex positions if you're looking to get pregnant