Love Burnouts Exist—Here Are the Telltale Signs and How To Overcome It
Love Burnouts Exist—Here Are the Telltale Signs and How To Overcome It
Love Burnouts Exist—Here Are the Telltale Signs and How To Overcome It
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Love burnouts exist—here are the telltale signs and how to overcome it

By Lola Bee

Burnouts don't only happen in the professional sense of the word. Emotional, mental and physical fatigue can also apply to romantic relationships and single people.

Burnouts can affect people quite a lot and we generally associate this fatigue with the world of work. But it can also apply to relationships that constantly exhaust you in the long run. Single people aren’t exempt from this either!

A love burnout, or romantic burnout, happens when we become disillusioned with our partner or relationship. In a romantic relationship, we tend to hold our partners up to a higher standard than our friends or family. When the honeymoon period is over and reality hits, we often become disillusioned—of course, our partner cannot measure up to our ideals. The root of relationship exhaustion is nested in the contradiction between expectations and reality.

Signs that you're going through a love burnout

  • You’re no longer relaxed at home with him or her and the arguments are occurring more and more frequently
  • You feel unappreciated and alone when faced with a problem
  • You’re despondent
  • You’re constantly frustrated. Things between you have changed, your ideals are unattainable, and you don’t feel like taking action
  • You’re having problems sleeping. You have too many problems and issues that are stopping you from sleeping and you’re permanently tired as a result
  • You’ve become a lot more irritable

How to cope with it

What’s complicated about having a romantic burnout is that the more you think it’s HIS or HER fault, the more violent the fallout will be.

However, solutions do exist if you’re ready to make a commitment. You have to communicate with your partner and put aside your frustration. Couples counselling can also be a good solution if neither of you manage to make the first move. You can also go to the counsellor individually. A professional opinion will help you recover this missing dialogue.

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