Dating: 5 significant signs that you are being breadcrumbed

With all the new dating trends that have negatively influenced the dating scene, it is important to know when what is happening to you. Here are some signs that you are being breadcrumbed.

Is there someone in your life who keeps you on your toes or you don’t know where you stand in their life? If yes, then it may be time for you to re-evaluate that relationship as you may be a victim of breadcrumbing. It basically means when someone gives you just enough attention to keep you interested but never really acts on it to make it a solid relationship. Here are five significant signs that you may be getting breadcrumbed.

Inconsistent words and actions

Inconsistency is the biggest red flag in a relationship, however, if it’s not a relationship it’s even worse. That’s what generally people who breadcrumb do. Their words will be full of affection and flirty, and their actions will fail to follow through. Breadcrumbing victims may become so focused on the lovely things that the other person says that they fail to analyse whether the other person's actions match their words. This is how breadcrumbers keep you engaged without committing entirely.

Inconsistency  TORN CURTAIN (1966), Universal Pictures

Reaching out only to hold grip

They won’t keep you forever, won’t let anyone else keep you too. Breadcrumbers will flirt with you when you show less interest or don't reach out as much. They may act as if they have changed or make excuses for being away. For instance, using work/family/mental health as an excuse for being inconsistent. These notorious people will act in ways that they believe will encourage you to stay in the relationship, rejecting or justifying your doubts.

Hot and Cold

One day you are their world, the next day you don’t exist. Feels familiar? They won’t message you every day. Even when you reach out to them, they may take days or weeks to respond to you again. And you know when the message will come? Exactly when they start to feel that you’re moving on from them. Being a conversational wizard, they’ll have you back at square one even before you know it.

Self-worth PASSENGERS(2016), Columbia Pictures, United International Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing

Questioning self-worth

Breadcrumbers can take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. They might make you feel good momentarily when they speak to you or when they are consistent. But other times? You are left questioning your self-worth. If you are enough for them or if it’s your fault for the way things turned out. Their behaviour makes you feel as if you are not important to them and they do absolutely nothing concrete about it.

Booty calls

Breadcrumbers are big on booty calls. You’d mostly when they make plans it involves getting physically intimate. There are no cute or romantic dates, just spontaneous plans to get down and dirty. Usually, such texts would come around nighttime or days when their schedule is free.

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