War in Ukraine: Angelina Jolie evacuated during her visit to Ukraine

Known for her humanitarian commitments outside of her film career, Angelina Jolie was spotted on Saturday having a coffee in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv.

Hollywood movie star, Angelina Jolie, regularly uses the influence that her popularity with the public gives her to highlight humanitarian causes that are close to her heart.

As aUnited Nations special envoy for refugees, Brad Pitt's ex-wife was spotted on Saturday 30 April 2022 on Ukrainian soil. A journalist from the Kyiv Independent posted a video on Twitter.

Angelina Jolie visited Western Ukraine

As the fighting between the Russian army and Ukrainian forces intensify in the east of the country, Jolie was seen in the city of Lviv, located in western Ukraine. A journalist from the Kyiv Independent posted a video on Twitter, where the Hollywood star can be seen ordering a coffee. She was dressed in comfortable clothes and carrying a backpack. The actress also took the opportunity to sign autographs and greet the people present.

Subsequently, another video of Jolie was posted on the social media network recently bought by Elon Musk. In this one, the actress could be seen in the streets of the city, near the central railway station, talking with Lviv residents. At the moment, Jolie has not yet specified the reason for her presence in Ukraine. For the record, Sean Penn went there a few months ago to make a documentary on the war that has ravaged the country for over 60 days.

Angelina Jolie: a humanitarian actress

In March 2022, Jolie visited a paediatric hospital in Rome to help Ukrainian children who had fled their country. She wrote on Instagram:

Without an end to the war children will pay the highest price – in trauma, lost childhoods and shattered lives.

While Lviv has been a relatively safe haven during the Russian invasion, video footage has emerged of the actress and her entourage being evacuated to safety as air raid sirens went off during her visit.

In the video, Jolie can be seen walking briskly out of the railway station where she wasmeeting with Ukrainian evacuees and jogging down some stairs. A female member of her group says 'please, no more' to the camera. Jolie waves at an onlooker, and when a man asks 'are you afraid?' towards the end of the clip, Jolie replies, 'No, no, I'm okay.'

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