Volodymyr Zelenskyy: Ukrainian President's fleece auctioned off for whopping amount

In a bid to help the people of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy auctioned off his now-famous khaki zip-up fleece.

Hosted by the Ukraine Embassy, the Tate Modern art gallery in Bankside, London put on a charity event to help fund the relief of Ukraine.

£90,000 fleece

Part of the fundraising event was the auctioning of Ukrainian President VolodymyrZelenskyy's iconic military-inspired fleece which sold for a staggering £90,000. The Tate Modern came out with a press released encouraging donations and expressing their solidarity with the country facing incredibly hardship. It reads:

Tate stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and in condemnation of Russia’s invasion. Alongside other museums and arts organisations around the world, we support the global campaign calling on Russia to withdraw from Ukraine immediately, and we will not work with or maintain relationships with anyone associated with the Russian government.

Boris Johnson's support

To encourage as many donations as possible, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, urged those willing to bid to 'dig deep' into their pockets. He also went on to say that Vladimir Putin would not come out victorious in his attempt at taking over the country, saying:

No matter what Putin tries to do to Ukraine's people... he will never break their spirit.

And continued:

Whether you are bidding for Volodymyr's fleece - a snip at £50,000, I want much higher bids than that, or you are bidding for a tour of Kyiv with Mayor Klitschko, I have had a tour of Kyiv with Mayor Klitschko, it's a beautiful city. Well worth it, dig deep. Support Ukraine my friends so that that great ancient European capital Kyiv can never be threatened again, and that Ukraine can be whole and free once more.

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