Vladimir Putin: This shocking object is most important to the Russian President

Vladimir Putin is known to display his fair share of dominance on the rest of the world, oftentimes by threats. But what is the shocking thing that he never leaves his home without?

Russia's attack on Ukraine woke up the horrifying memories of the Cold War in Europe and the United States. While NATO appears to be awakening from a long slumber, Vladimir Putin has been aggressively hostile toward the West since the beginning of his 'special military operation.' He never fails to display his dominance over the threats with the help of this shocking object.

The cloud of nuclear war

As a reminder, a few days after the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, Russia's leader declared that 'the nuclear briefcase had been unsealed.'

This commanding tactic was a way to indicate that NATO should not aid Ukraine, whether by delivering weapons or mobilizing troops...

One of his objectives is to also let everyone, especially NATO, know that he will not hesitate to unleash nuclear warfare upon his enemies.

The power of the briefcase

The object in question is a nuclear briefcase called 'Cheget'. It accompanies Putin on all of his trips and meetings. For instance, Putin can be seen attending the funeral of ultranationalist deputy Vladimir Zhirinovsky. He was pictured with a bouquet of red roses in his hands as he paid his respects to the late politician.

The ceremony took place in Moscow, in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which was completely emptied for the occasion. During the ceremony, Putin’s guard was apparently seen with the suitcase in his hand. The briefcase reportedly is yet to be unsealed.

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