How much sleep you should be getting based on your zodiac sign

Discover your ideal sleep time according to your astrological sign!

Girl sleeping
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Girl sleeping

A good night's sleep is the key to well-being. But as with many things in life, there is a balance to be struck between not sleeping enough and sleeping too much. It is therefore recommended to sleep 7 hours per night, but the figure varies according to the person and their astrological sign.

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Aries: 6-7 hours

You don't need a lot of sleep to be fit, you need inspiration instead.

Taurus: 7 hours

That's enough for you. You get most of your energy from your food.

Gemini: 8 hours

Your body is crying out for sleep, so it's best to go to bed early.

Cancer: 9 hours

You are sensitive, it takes time to get over your emotions of the day!

Leo: 6-7 hours

You need to entertain yourself throughout the day, which can make you tired. Think about naps!

Virgo: 7 hours

For you, sleep is a waste of time, yet it is necessary to work efficiently.


Libra: 8 hours

You like to sleep, and you care a lot about others. The night is the perfect time to refocus on yourself.

Scorpio: 7 hours

You know how to regenerate during the night; 7 hours of sleep, and you are good to go.

Sagittarius: 9 hours

You like to sleep late, be careful! If you have to get up early try to go to bed early.

Capricorn: 6 hours

Of course, you know that sleep is restful. But you are ambitious, and the future belongs to those who get up early.

Aquarius: 7 hours

You would like to have the freedom to sleep when and how you want, but your busy is so full... 7 hours is enough for you to be recharged. But you are still effective, even with less sleep.

Pisces: 9 hours

You are a great dreamer, so it is better that you get enough sleep at night.

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