The Queen’s funeral: Things Royal Family did to make it more personal

Royal Family members made sure to put in personal touches for the monarch’s funeral. Here’s how they did it.

The Queen’s funeral: Things Royal Family did to make it more personal
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The Queen’s funeral: Things Royal Family did to make it more personal

Queen Elizabeth II was heavily involved in planning her funeral and made many big decisions by herself. However, on top of the decisions made by her, the Royal Family members added personal touches to the funeral to make it a celebration of the Queen as a person and Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

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Head Scarf

The Queen’s love for her dogs and horses was widely known. The monarch never wore helmets while riding her favourite fell pony Emma, instead, she wore a beautiful head scarf. Emma was present at the funeral yesterday with the Queen’s head scarf sweetly draped across the horse’s saddle.

Last Note & flowers

The flowers on Her Majesty’s coffin were selected by King Charles III, confirms Mirror. The wreath, foliage and blooms were taken from the Queen’s different estates and gardens. There was also rosemary amongst those flowers that had sprung from the Queen’s wedding bouquet flower plant. However, more interesting was a sweet note written by King Charles III for his mother that rested on the top of the wreath.

The Queen's coffin Samir Hussein

Jewellery choices

Opting for black clothes was a choice that most royal attendees made, however, it was the jewellery pieces that spoke volumes. For instance, Princess Charlotte wore a diamond horseshoe brooch pinned to the left side of her black coat to honour her gan-gan. The brooch was given to the Princess by Queen Elizabeth II herself. Meghan Markle wore diamond earrings gifted to her by the Queen.

Queen Consort, Prince George of Wales, Princess of Wales and Countess of Wessex Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

Queen’s seat

Last year, Her Majesty sat alone on a secluded seat to mourn the death of Prince Philip. King Charles III chose to sit in the same seat his mother did last year.

Remembering Prince Philip

The Queen’s funeral took place at the same place where her wedding took place 75 years ago. The second hymn – The Lord is My Shepherd – was also played during her wedding. So, it was put in the service to remember Prince Philip.

Licence Plate

A famous number plate made a reappearance yesterday. MYT1 – the number plate that the queen was photographed with in 1986 – is a play on the Queen’s official title. As such, the lead vehicle bore the registration MYT1 followed by MYT2 and MYT3.

King Charles III and Anne, Princess Royal Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

Loyal Royal staff

Many royal staff members lined up outside the gates of Buckingham Palace to bid their last farewell to the beloved monarch. Some staff wore black outfits and some came in their uniform, while some of them took part in the procession alongside the Royal Family.

Piper’s final act

The Queen’s piper who used to wake her up every day by playing the bagpipes carried out his final duty by playing her beautiful goodbye for the last time.

Everyday Heroes

About 200 everyday heroes were invited to the service yesterday after they were recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours this year in June.

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