Meghan Markle's friend facing backlash for promoting her brand hours before Kate Middleton's big return

Earlier this year, Meghan Markle revealed she had launched her own lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. A friend is now facing backlash for sharing a PR package.

Meghan Markle friend backlash PR package lifestyle brand
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Meghan Markle friend backlash PR package lifestyle brand

Meghan Markle’s popularity in the UK has been a dwindling since she and Prince Harry stepped down as working Royals in 2020. Things got even worse due to choices the couple has made, from their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey to their Netflix docu-series.

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The Duchess of Sussex has slowly tried to improve her popularity, and it has been suggested she may include her young children, Archie and Llibet in a potential new cooking show. Moreover, the former Suits actress has launched her own lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, which has already facing criticism and is once again.

It seems that a timing issue has caused Meghan and one of her friends major backlash as a PR package coincided with Princess Kate’s glorious return to public duty.

Meghan Markle’s friend, Nacho Figueras, faces major backlash

As reported by Daily Mail, Argentinian polo player, Nacho Figueras, is facing major backlash online after sharing a photo of a PR package thought to be from Meghan Markle’s lifestyle brand.

Figueras, who is friends with both Meghan and Prince Harry, shared photos of a jam jar and dog biscuits on his Instagram stories on Saturday, June 15, which happened to be the same day as Trooping the Colour, when Princess Kate made her first public appearance of the year.

As a result, Royal fans defended the Princess of Wales and have labelled the polo player ‘tasteless’ and ‘shameful’. As per Daily Mail, it is believed that Figueras was in New York when he shared the PR package on social media at around 11 pm local time, which means that those in the UK saw the post around 4 am.

Figueras received a wave of hateful comments on his social media, some claiming his post was ‘poor timing’ and that his ‘reputation is over’ while others have claimed he was trying to overshadow the Princess of Wales.

Shameful what you did... your reputation is over!!
What a tasteless gesture to publish content with Harry and Meghan products on the day Kate returns to public life!
Disgusting prank to try and upstage Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales. You owe your fans an apology. What a small person you are.
We won't forget what you did Nacho. Attempting to upstage Catherine [...] is the lowest of the low and demonstrates a lack of class and integrity.

Despite the backlash, some have come to the Argentinian’s defence.

Nacho Figueras’s post was likely just a coincidence

Amid all the backlash, some commenters rushed to Nacho Figueras's defence, with one user writing that he is a ‘great friend’ to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, while another was left ‘speechless’ by the hate comments.

Sorry for all the hate comments you're getting. You're a great friend to Harry and Meghan.
Speechless by reading all these sick comments about a glass of jam. No one here is small and yuck except those people which are full of hatred. Really shocking!

Moreover, as per Daily Beast, it is highly likely that Figueras's post was a coincidence and the decision to send out the PR packages was likely not Meghan’s decision.

A source told Daily Beast:

While I am sure the gift packages came with notes requesting social media coverage, you can’t tell Nacho Figueras what to do, so I think it’s certain the timing of his post was his own idea.

According to Daily Mail, the Argentinian polo player was one among 50 or so people believed to have received a PR package from American Riviera Orchard.

The source also added that this is a ‘text book’ campaign when launching a new brand, and it isn’t costing Meghan anything. As per the source, the only question left is, when will products be available for purchase?

The larger point here is that the American Riviera Orchard campaign has been phenomenally successful and cost Meghan nothing.
It is a text book social media campaign. The only problem is that there still seems to be nothing actually for sale, so what is it all for? I guess we will find out.

Meghan Markle’s brand doesn’t have a release date yet

As per Express, Meghan’s brand doesn’t have an official launch date, but the brand has been sending out PR packages.

The one Nacho Figueras received is believed to be the second PR package since the brand was announced. The first PR is said to have included strawberry jam which went to around 50 close friends and influencers, including Chrissy Teigen, fashion designer Tracy Robbins and socialite Delfina Blaquier.

As reported by Express, there are talks that the reason why Meghan hasn't officially launched her brand is because she is struggling to find the right staff.

However, the publication spoke to Abesi Manyando, author and founder of the public relations and branding development firm Abesi PR, and she said that it's not unusual for celebrities to tease products and drop them officially 'months later'. She said:

You have instances when celebrities tease an announcement and the products drop soon after such as Rihanna did with Fenty Hair and in some instances they may tease a product and the products drop months later and longer. It’s really very relative.

Abesi continued:

Meghan’s global popularity continues to increase especially in America and Africa despite royal experts' criticism.

And while Meghan has faced criticism and accusations that she tries to overshadow the Royal Family, notably Princess Kate, reports suggest that the Duchess of Sussex does want to put an end to her feud with her sister-in-law.

Meghan Markle allegedly wants to end her feud with Princess Kate

A source has told Express that Meghan Markle would like to end her long-standing 'feud' with her sister-in-law, Princess Kate. Meghan has allegedly reached out to the Princess of Wales ahead of Trooping the Colour.

The source claimed:

Meghan's desperate to come across as the bigger person and end this feud between them – appearing like some sort of royal saviour could only do her image good.

The unnamed source explained that Meghan wants to ‘move past all the nonsense’ and that she is finally ready to ‘let the anger and bitterness go’.

And, despite all their bad blood, her heart does go out to Kate - she can only imagine how hard this situation must be for her.
Meghan has made it clear she'd love nothing more than to move past all the nonsense and find a way towards healing for everyone's sake. She's ready to let the anger and bitterness go.

However, the source adds that the decision isn’t up to Meghan or Prince Harry, all they can do it keep ‘reaching out and offering olive branches’.

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