Meghan Markle: New poll suggests Megxit was the UK's biggest betrayal, should it be taken seriously?

A new poll has been released and it places ‘Megxit’ — Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to move to North America — at the top of the UK’s ultimate betrayal. But who did this poll and should its result be taken seriously?

Meghan Markle megxit poll biggest betrayal UK
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Meghan Markle megxit poll biggest betrayal UK

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have the rare ability to be making headlines even when they do nothing. For instance, recently, publications were alleging that the First Lady of Nigeria was openly criticising the Duchess when further analysis revealed that she could have used her name to prove another point.

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The overall idea is that publications love to scrutinise the couple. On 26 May 2024, The Sun published an article using data from a poll which suggested that ‘Megxit [had] been voted the biggest betrayal in British history’.

Naturally, The Sun wasn’t the only UK publication running this 'information'. However, looking further into it, it seems like the results of the poll can be challenged.

A poll done by Alton Towers … Resort and Waterpark

The Sun highlighted the top 10 biggest betrayals in British history. We understand that Alton Towers Resort, a resort and waterpark, conducted the poll as part of a publicity campaign for one of their rides: Nemesis Reborn. According to Mirror, over 2,000 people were surveyed.

On the waterpark’s website the legend of Nemesis is explained and according to it, the mystical character has been betrayed in the past, hence, the motivation for the poll. In a statement shared by The Sun, Bianca Sammut from the waterpark, explains:

As our iconic Nemesis Reborn beast suffered the ultimate betrayal at the hands of her captors, we wanted to shine a light on these iconic moments.

Moreover, still exploring the theme of ‘revenge’, Sammut reveals details about the relationship Brits have with it. She stated:

As a nation Britain is defined by its sense of fair play. That’s why we find betrayals so hard to stomach.

We haven’t been able to find the poll on Alton Towers’ website and therefore cannot say how it was conducted — did voters have multiple options? Were they presented with an open question? Were the options just within the entertainment realm?

However, it seems like Megxit sits at the top of that list with over 26% of votes.

What else is included in the poll?

The poll also included UK cultural events such as the 2001 Who Wants to be a Millionaire scandal which involved Major Charles Ingram and his wife Diana. The couple also had an accomplice in the audience who helped answer questions through well timed coughs.

The 2024 Willy Wonka Experience in Glasgow also appears in the poll. What was promised as an occasion to ‘relive the classic book and movies’ ended up being described as ‘little more than an abandoned, empty warehouse’.

Other betrayals included the ‘bin-gate’ Bake-Off moment and Robbie Williams leaving Take That in 1995.

Are polls like this to be taken seriously?

As the results of the poll conducted by Alton Towers Resort are being widely shared in the UK media, a question seems to emerge: should polls conducted by such organisations be taken seriously and what is their impact?

Indeed it goes to show one crucial thing— the UK hasn’t moved on and people still feel resentful towards the Sussexes. Though organisations are allowed to conduct and share studies such as this one, this kind of narrative is part of the reason why the couple left the country in the first place.

Moreover, using words like ‘polls’, ‘survey’, ‘studies’ suggests that the results have been found after thorough and diligent research. However, the reality is: this current study has been conducted as a way to promote a theme park ride by a company that is not specialised in polling or social studies. Also, only 2,000 people have been consulted when the UK has around 67 million citizens.

Our question was motivated by the comments we read under some articles covering the poll. Indeed, overall, people who responded seemed tired of this narrative. Many have written things along the lines of ‘give it a rest’.

What do you think of such polls and the coverage they receive?

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