Eamonn Holmes' exclusive tell-all interview: Will he keep his promise to address all controversies?

GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes made a surprise announcement concerning a new career move. Fans are excited but what is the announcement about exactly?

Eamonn Holmes announces exclusive tell-all interview, fans ask: 'Any views on Dan Wootton please'
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Eamonn Holmes announces exclusive tell-all interview, fans ask: 'Any views on Dan Wootton please'

Former ITV presenter Eamonn Holmes announced on 21 August 2023 that he will be doing something new: a live show in front of an audience. Eamonn is used to being live on TV as he’s had a very long career in that field but a live show is brand new.

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The show will take place in Glasgow on 18 October. At the moment this is the only date scheduled but Holmes teases possible other dates. His fans have been really happy with the announcement as it appears that they had been waiting a long time for such an event to happen.

Let’s see what this show is about!

Eamonn Holmes is a fixture of British TV

Holmes started his career in TV in 1979 when he joined Ulster Television, an ITV franchise contractor in Northern Ireland. Very quickly Eamonn Holmes started anchoring and presenting shows, mostly on sport. But then, in 2006, he joined ITV in order to host This Morning on Friday mornings. In 2021, he left ITV to join GB News where he currently presents a breakfast show.

Eamonn Holmes is also known for his relationship with Ruth Langdford, who he married in 2010. The couple hosted This Morning together until 2021.

Eamonn Holmes: The live show

Looking at his career, past and present, Eamonn Holmes seems like someone who the British public knows very well. Indeed, Holmes shares his opinion quite freely on his GB News morning show. Moreover, he has been quite open about his relationship with his wife.

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The show which he announced yesterday (21 August), is presented as a look into ‘the personal story behind Britain’s favourite Breakfast TV anchor.’ During the show, Holmes promises to lift ‘the lid on his life in the limelight.’

The show will be structured very simply. The man who usually interviews will be the one interviewed ‘in depth by long-term friend and fellow broadcaster Bill McFarlan.’ The interview is advertised as honest, tackling his career’s milestones as well as the many controversies he’s been involved in.

Why would Eamonn Holmes decide to do a live show?

There are many possible answers to this question. The first one is simple and is based on the fact that we would believe his stated motive. Eamonn wants to share his life story and tell all about the controversies. This is a fair reason considering the fact that the TV presenter has a lot of things written about him. The live show could be an opportunity to set the record straight.

The second we could find is about the opportunity for Eamonn Holmes to meet his fans. The show included pre or post meet and greets.

Apart from that, it's hard to pinpoint what could motivate Eamonn Holmes to do a live show. Holmes already has a big platform on which he can voice his thoughts and opinions and he doesn’t hesitate to do so. Moreover, since the interview will be with a good friend, this event will probably be more of a conversation in which the two share stories instead of a real challenging and substantial interview.

Reactions to Eamonn Holmes’ announcement

Under Holmes’ pin tweet, tens of fans have shared their excitement and already want Holmes to travel across the country with this live show.

They write:

Oh yes please, are you coming to the South East?
Come to Bridgwater please? We have a lush theatre here pretty much newly built. I'd come and see you if you were here
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Storyhouse Chester - I would love to hear your stories!

Others are wondering if it will be the opportunity for Holmes to comment on a scandal currently rocking GB News: the Dan Wootton catfishing and bullying allegations.

An opportunity for you to answer questions on the Dan Wootten allegations.
Q1. You were very forthright with your views on Schofield where he had not done anything illegal. Any views on Dan Wooton please and the allegations against him? Thanks

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