Eamonn Holmes seemingly shuts down split rumours with Ruth Langsford

Split rumours have been circling Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford for over a month. Now, it seems the GB News presenter has chosen to address them.

Eamonn Holmes Ruth Langsford split rumours
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Eamonn Holmes Ruth Langsford split rumours

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford are a well-loved TV couple. Over the years, they have conquered the hearts of viewers both hosting together on This Morning and separately, respectively on GB News and ITV’s Loose Women.

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The two have surpassed their roles of journalists and are now loved for who they are. As such, sometimes their fans will enquire about their private life as a married couple. Lucky for those admirers, Holmes and Langsford have been quite open about their relationship. But, sometimes, this kind of scrutiny gives room to unfounded rumours.

That has been the case since April 2024 when whispers about the two no longer being together emerged. On 10 May 2024, Eamonn Holmes seems to have commented on the rumours by posting on Instagram. Here’s what’s happening.

Eamonn Holmes seemingly shuts down rumours

As reported by Express, on 10 May 2024 Eamonn Holmes seemed to take to Instagram stories to address the rumours. The publication explains the presenter 're-posted' a picture from photographer Brett Cove.

On the picture, dating back to 2018, Eamonn and Ruth could be seen on the set of This Morning.

According to Express, the Instagram Story is the first time in 'some weeks' that the presenter has shared a picture of himself alongside his wife.

The split rumours explained

On 11 April 2024, Express reported on those rumours. They explained that the two were facing these whispers because ‘they haven't been seen together in a while.’

It would appear that over the Easter holidays, the two showed no signs of being together with Ruth posting about her egg hunt with friends and Eamonn being in Scotland. Apparently, this is enough for speculations to arise that the two ‘could be living different lives’.

Express also reports that fans were quick to jump into Langsford’s comment section asking about Eamonn and why he wasn’t in her post. Those comments read:

Where is Eamon[n] these days as [I] never see you together?
I've thought the same!?

And another added:

He is out of the picture these days... even longer.

In a surprise turn, Langsford commented when one comment mentioned their possible ‘separate lives’. The Loose Women panelist said:

He’s stuck in Glasgow airport!

On Eamonn’s page, when he shared his experience of the bad weather impacting his return to London, one person commented:

It’s obvious u and Ruth have split as u never speak about each other you’re never together, it’s a terrible shame u we’re both amazing together.

We understand that Express has contacted representatives of both presenters but have received no response.

Moreover, a picture posted by Eamonn Holmes on 4 May 2024 on Instagram also fulled the rumours. Indeed, the image shows him with his head resting on his hands, with a pensive look on his face.

The caption read:

A lot to think about ….. one of those days .

According to Express this post only made 'speculation' grow.

Finally, another one of Eamonn's posts had people wondering. On 28 April 2024, the journalist shared a family picture. The snap was taken in celebration of his second granddaughter's Christening. That picture which only includes Eamonn's son Declan's family had people wondering where Ruth was.

Indeed, it remains unclear if Ruth was present at the event. As a reminder, Declan was born out of Eamonn's first marriage to Gabriella Holmes.

Holmes and Langsford don't sleep in the same rooms

Though these split rumours seem to be misguided, Ruth and Eamonn have spoken about the oddities in their marriage several times. For instance, the couple who got married in 2010, don’t sleep in the same bedroom.

However, the reason couldn’t be further from dramatic or romantic. Express reports that in 2019, Holmes explained the choice by simply saying it was due to their different tastes in TV.

In 2022, Ruth Langsford gave an interview to Hello! in which she spoke at length about her marriage. In this conversation she compared her couple dynamic to the one King Charles and Queen Camilla are reported to have. She explained:

I read recently that Camilla said that she and Prince Charles often sit in companionable silence in the same room just reading their books.

She also explained that their arguments are never serious and are often ‘over really stupid stuff’.

Holmes and Langsford have also been quite open about their ‘very passionate’ relationship. After their wedding, which happened after numerous years together, they explained to Hello!:

Eamonn and I are lucky that, as well as loving and caring for one another, we’re still very much in love.


We’re like Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor – although we bicker and argue, ultimately our love for each other and the bond we share is so strong.

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