Eamonn Holmes shares rare picture from his young days in skintight shorts

GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes had his co-stars in stitches as he shared the photo of himself in an unusual attire...

Eamonn Holmes skintight shorts photo
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Eamonn Holmes skintight shorts photo

First impression is last impression and often this first impression is made through what you are wearing and how you carry yourself. With the changing times and modernisation of the world, the definition of clothes and outfits has changed several times. GB News presenters discussed what these clothes mean for famous singers like Miley Cyrus and Madonna - who took to the stage at the Accor Arena Stadium.

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Pointing out the daring or bold clothes these beloved singing personalities wear, host Bev Turner asked if anyone could dress like them.

Eamonn Holmes shares old picture in skintight shorts

The photo that Turner showed was of Miley Cyrus wearing a barely there dress with cut-out panels on the waist and sides of each thigh. Just then, a picture of 21-year-old Eamonn Holmes appeared on the screen that left his co-stars gasping, reports The Express.

The image saw him sitting in a field in a white polo T-shirt and the tiniest skinny shorts. The Belfast native was quick to point out that he was trying to make a ‘football outfit.’ He said:

The thing about clothes and not wearing many is that it can work for anybody and everybody. As you can see here, we were making a football outfit.

He went down memory lane to the time when everyone liked to wear clothes that were very tight. He told Bev Turner that this fashion started around 1980 or 1981 and added:

At some stage, the shorts got very tight.

This comes after the presenter was forced to sell his Belfast home after being billed £250,000.

Reactions to Eamonn Holmes' skintight shorts image

The discussion on the topic of clothes led to an intense debate that made the GB News presenters question what pressure is placed on young women today due to these outfits. Turner pointed out that she wouldn’t ever want her teenage granddaughter ‘to think that to get on in life, you'd have to run around with your skirt off.’

However, she praised Eamonn for his snap in skimpy tight shorts and said:

If you've got it, flaunt it!

The same image was shared by Metro.co.uk in 2022 which claimed that the image left people ‘hot and bothered.’

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The Express: Eamonn Holmes shares blast from the past photo in skintight shorts as co-stars gasp


Ruth Langsford’s flirty show of support for Eamonn Holmes as he shares new health update Ruth Langsford’s flirty show of support for Eamonn Holmes as he shares new health update