Eamonn Holmes: Friends express worry about the presenter as they say he is ‘struggling’ with divorce

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford’s divorce may have come as a shock to many, but reportedly it was brewing behind the scenes for months and Holmes is still struggling to deal with it. Here’s everything we know!

Eamonn Holmes struggling with split from Ruth Langsford Reason behind split from Ruth Langsford relationship with stepchildern
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Eamonn Holmes struggling with split from Ruth Langsford Reason behind split from Ruth Langsford relationship with stepchildern

Much to all the TV lovers' surprise, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford announced their split last weekend (25 and 26 May 2024). The GB News presenter addressed the split on his show and made an emotional statement, reports OK! Magazine. Appearing on the show after a bank holiday weekend, Eamonn shared:

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Just before we move on I'd like to thank people for their support for Ruth and I over the last few days as to the news of our separation. Your support for both of us is very much appreciated.

Post the tragic news, Eamonn was caught following racy accounts on his Instagram. And if that wasn’t enough, sources have revealed that the 64-year-old is not taking the split well and is ‘struggling behind the scenes.’ This comes after he seemingly shut down split rumours with Ruth earlier this month.

Eamonn Holmes allegedly ‘struggling’ with split

Reportedly, Eamonn was against making the split public as he had spent months trying to save the marriage. Meanwhile, Ruth was ‘determined’ to walk away. As such, when the statement was released about their split, a source close to Eamonn revealed it was entirely arranged by Ruth. According to MailOnline, the daytime star ‘didn't want to get involved’ and told Ruth, she ‘can do what she wants but keep me out of it.’

As he returned to work after the end of his 26+ year-long relationship with Ruth, his friends noticed how his mood had changed amid the marriage ending. A source shared:

Eamonn used to be the bolshy star of daytime television, he was a confident and noisy member of the team.
But he was clearly struggling recently – his marriage disintegrating as well as being in so much pain from his fall a couple of years ago was making him increasingly grumpy.

This comes after Eamonn was also understood to be left ‘blindsided and angry’ by Ruth’s split announcement, confirms The Sun. Insiders claim that the former This Morning host only found out about the public statement just before it was released. An anonymous source claimed:

Eamonn wanted no part of it, he couldn't see any reason why you would release that statement.
It was wholly written and signed off by Ruth and her team. In the end, he had no power over it whatsoever.

While a shock to most, rumours of their marriage being on the rock had been circulating for months within the TV industry. Both Eamonn and Ruth had denied having problems in their marriage but if their friends are to be believed, their marriage had already been ‘over for at least a year.’ Yet another unnamed source told MailOnline that the Irish star would often get ‘very angry’ when probed about his marital problems. He added:

His language became really quite rude. He was struggling to accept it.

Someone else claimed that Eamonn wanted to let things be as they were and didn’t want to tell anyone about it. They shared:

Eamonn's preferred way was not to tell anyone. Deep down he knew it couldn't carry on but he was kind of sticking his head in the sand. He is very upset indeed.

Despite insisting that the split is amicable and the two will remain friends, Eamonn moved out of his joint home with Ruth - a £3.2million home in Weybridge, Surrey.

All the reasons that reportedly pushed Ruth Langsford to split

If you’re wondering what is the reason behind TV’s beloved Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford’s split, we have got you covered. Friends of the couple believe that the two had been ‘tested’ by health, financial and professional issues in recent times. From reports circulating online, one of the major reasons behind their split was their professional lives.

The pair were once widely regarded as 'the new Richard and Judy' – the original This Morning hosts. However, after Eamonn and Ruth were fired from This Morning in 2021, Eamonn shared a tense relationship with ITV. However, Ruth continued to stay with the network as she was and still is one of their most loved presenters. Ruth is a regular at Loose Women and gets plenty of work from ITV.

Meanwhile, Eamonn slammed the channel and its execs after gaining a position at GB News. He publicly accused bosses at the channel of hypocrisy and claimed they are ‘middle-aged white managers.’ He told Weekend Magazine in 2022:

When are they going to start being diverse with their management? The diversity is only on screen. It's hypocritical.

It is understood that his public bashing of ITV was ‘pretty embarrassing’ for Ruth as she loves her work there and feared Eamonn’s outbursts could damage her career as well. One of Ruth's friends shared:

The fallout with ITV bosses proved hugely awkward for Ruth who remained an employee with her role on Loose Women and other shows. It left her feeling very angry and of course, prompted fears that his outbursts could damage her career.

Express reports that the reason behind Eamonn’s split with his first wife Gabrielle also stemmed from professional issues. In his autobiography, the presenter revealed how he was fine with staying away from Gabrielle and their three children for work, but Gabrielle wasn’t on board with it.

Apart from professional differences, Ruth is also understood to be done with ‘caring for him.’ After Eamonn’s hip replacement surgery in 2016 and his fall in 2022, a friend of Ruth confirmed that she felt more like his ‘carer than a wife’ as he grew ‘more and more grumpy.’

Ruth Langford hints she’ll continue relationship with Eamonn’s children

Amidst all these troubles and reports, it’s not certain how ‘amicable’ Eamonn and Ruth’s split was or how ‘friendly’ the two are going to remain with each other. However, there are chances that Ruth may still want to continue her relationship with her stepchildren. Daily Record reports that Ruth shared a lovely bond with her them - that is Eamonn’s kids with Gabrielle - Declan, 35, Rebecca, 32, and Niall, 30.

She continues to follow them on Instagram despite the split. Previously, she has revealed how her son Jack also shared an amazing bond with his step-siblings. Ruth said:

I'm very lucky - I have a fantastic relationship with my stepchildren.
Jack, although he didn't grow up with his older two brothers and sister ... they're so close. He turns to them for advice and they talk all the time. It's so lovely…

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