Eamonn Holmes: The presenter forced to sell his Belfast home after being billed £250,000

GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes recently opened up about a tax problem which forced him to sell one of his properties.

Eamonn Holmes tax house
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Eamonn Holmes tax house

Eamonn Holmes is often in the spotlight either for his health issues or his controversial statements. But this time, the GB News presenter is making headlines for a very different reason.

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Previously in 2023, Eamonn Holmes had chosen to open up about her personal life. For instance, he spoke about his death arrangements with his wife Ruth Langsford. He has also been very transparent about his health issues which have led him to sometimes use a wheelchair.

Now, in 2024, the presenter has decided to share his financial woes.

Eamonn Holmes versus HM Revenue and Customs

According to Express, around 2018 Eamonn Holmes received very bad news from the government concerning his taxes.

The presenter explains that HMRC ruled that, while working at ITV, Holmes was a member of staff and not a freelancer. This led to him having to backpay 10 years of National Insurance and taxes. The bill was reportedly £250,000.

Holmes claims that this forced him to sell his Belfast home as it was the only way he could come up with the money. He explained:

It’s something I’m very bitter about ... because people think you earn lots of money and therefore you have to pay. It’s like they have taken away everything I ever worked for.

The presenter believes that this ordeal with HMRC led to health issues on his end alleging that the ordeal triggered an episode of shingles in 2018.

Eamonn Holmes has another house

Though having to sell a house because of tax issues must be difficult, Eamonn Holmes can console himself with his £3.25 million Surrey House.

In July 2023, Hello did a feature on the house Holmes shares with his wife Ruth Langsford. In the piece you can see many images of the grand house.

Moreover, it is believed that both Holmes and Langsford have the same net worth of £3 million. Heart also alleged that, from ITV alone Holmes earned around £2.8 million.

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