Donald Trump gives young supporter a signed $20 bill after he dressed up as the politician

Donald Trump has got his share of critics, but also of supporters. Sometimes they are even quite young and bursting with creativity.

Donald Trump supporter young meeting USA
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Donald Trump supporter young meeting USA

There is almost a cult around Donald Trump in some places in the United States. Despite his troubles in court, the various accusations of misconduct and racism against him, and now being a convicted felon, his supporters have remained incredibly steadfast.

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This boundless adoration of the politician has not only led to more violent acts, like the storming of the Capitol, but has also resulted in some fans trying to get his attention through some very creative means.

A fairly young Trump supporter recently did not hesitate to reach into his bag of tricks to catch the attention of his idol - and he succeeded quite well.

Donald Trump meets his mini-me

Donald Trump wants to give the Presidency another go and is currently on the campaign trail in the USA. A new president will be elected in the USA in November this year, and Trump will almost certainly be the candidate on the conservative side. During one of his latest appearances, which he made at the Liacouras Center in the US state of Philadelphia, he met a very special fan who certainly made an impression on him.

As the Daily Mail reports, the politician and entrepreneur met a young boy allegedly called Timmy during a short stop at the Tony and Nick's Steaks snack bar. Admittedly, the boy had gone to length to catch the former President's attention, not only by dressing up in an amazingly similar costume, but also by putting on a blonde wig with Trump's typical quiff.

Donald Trump clearly likes the boy's devotion

This did not go unnoticed by Donald Trump. While some might consider the costume cartoonish, the convicted felon seemed to like it. He was particularly generous and gave the stunned boy, who was visibly emotional with tears rolling down his face, a 20-dollar bill on which he had previously put his signature.

Trump commented on his gesture with the words:

I like that kid! If your parents don't want you, I'll take you with me.

The video of this interaction is now going viral on social media, with hundreds of thousands of views, and thousands of likes and comments. The comments section is flooded with Trump supporters praising the former POTUS. One user said:

Man of the people.

While another added:

President Trump is the kindest man. This brought me to tears too

According to Newsweek, the little boy is not the only who was at the receiving end of Trump's generosity. He visited a restaurant and allegedly left a $500 tip. One thing is certain, he certainly knows how to do PR—both good and bad.

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