Donald Trump confirms he knows who his running mate will be but ‘no one knows’ yet

Donald Trump has reportedly made a decision on his vice presidential pick but no one knows it yet. Here’s who it could be!

Donald Trump vice presidential pick contenders
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Donald Trump vice presidential pick contenders

Former US President and current Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has made up his mind on his potential running mate. Rumours once had it, Kristi Noem, the woman who killed her own dog, may be the one but new reports suggest that she’s nowhere in the running. The 78-year-old is expected to make an announcement just before or possibly during next month’s Republic Nation convention.

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This comes after it was reported last week that Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump for the first time since October in the latest Fox News poll. Moreover, more damaging claims about Trump came to light when it was revealed he's in breach of a $381K British court order.

Donald Trump reveals he has made his Vice Presidential pick but there’s a catch

According to HuffPost, Trump’s campaign is still deciding on when to announce his vice presidential pick. The Apprentice star is set to face President Biden for their first presidential debate this week on Thursday and Trump has hinted that his pick for VP would be present at the debate.

Speaking to NBC News over the weekend during his campaign rally in Philadelphia, Trump revealed no one knows who he has decided to make his VP. He was asked at a campaign stop whether he has decided on his vice presidential pick, to which he responded and said:

In my mind, yeah.


Nobody knows

However, he revealed that his pick will ‘most likely’ be present at his first 2024 general election presidential debate. He continued:

They’ll be there. I think we have a lot of people coming.

Who are Donald Trump’s potential picks for vice president?

Choosing a VP for his term is a make-or-break deal for the former POTUS. Amidst all the allegations and scandals he faces, a wrong VP contender could change the game for him. It is understood that Trump’s campaign reportedly sent out VP vetting materials to a handful of Republicans who appear to be contenders for the role. According to CNN, here’s a list of his potential picks for president:

Doug Burgum

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum previously challenged Trump for the 2024 elections but suspended his campaign in December.

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio ran against Trump in 2016 but since then he has adopted Trumpism and now is in the running of being the first Hispanic running mate on a major party ticket. He’s one of the contenders who received vice-presidential vetting materials from the Trump campaign.

J.D. Vance

J.D. Vance entered Congress with the help of Trump. Vance was critical of Trump in 2016 and, six years later Trump publicly humiliated Vance even after endorsing him in the 2022 election. Vance has now become a strong Trump supporter and is also friends with Donald Trump Jr.

Tim Scott

Trump has previously said that he looks at Tim Scott for being a front-runner to be his potential running mate. Scott challenged Trump for the Republican nomination this election cycle but suspended his campaign in November.

Elise Stefanik

House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik is one of the most ardent supporters of Trump. She also received vice-presidential vetting materials from the Trump campaign.

Ben Carson

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is also in the running for Trump’s top VP picks.

Byron Donalds

Byron is extremely loyal to Trump and is one of his most trusted surrogates.

Tom Cotton

The Afghanistan and Iraq War veteran is a conservative security hawk. Cotton wanted to run for president during the current election cycle but is now looking to be Trump’s VP contender.

Tulsi Gabbard

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard made history in 2012 when she became the first American Samoan woman and first practising Hindu member in Congress.

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