This Russian Artist Caused Outrage By Tattooing His Cat

This Russian Artist Caused Outrage By Tattooing His Cat

In Russia, the tattoo artist known as Aleksandr has angered animal rights activists, after placing his Sphynx cat, Demon, under anaesthetic and tattooing the poor cat four times.

Aleksandr is a Russian tattoo artist who loves tattoos. He is a professional artist who takes the demands of his clients seriously. But in this case the situation was definitely unusual, as he started working on a very particular client.

A demonstration of affection?

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Aleksandr has a Sphynx cat named Demon, with whom he spends all his time. The two are inseparable and the tattoo artist also brings Demon to work. One day he came up with a very special idea that involved his cat. And without batting an eye, Aleksandr decided to put his plan into action.

Animal lovers are not happy

Aleksandr believes his actions have brought him closer to his cat. But animal lovers think differently. In fact, many upset Russian animal rights activists believe that what Aleksandr has done to his cat amounts to torture. In their opinion, artist’s actions do not reveal his love for Demon, but rather a selfish attitude that does not take his poor pet’s welfare into account. However, Aleksandr disagrees and insists that his cat is happy.

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