This Instagrammer Proudly Showed Off Her Tattoo - But She'd Made One Huge Mistake

Naz Mila made one massive error when she decided to get a message written in English on her body.

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The story we are about to tell you is that of a young Turkish influencer named Naz Mila. With more than 900,000 followers on Instagram, the young woman has a big community that is on the lookout for all her actions.

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Naz Mila regularly posts photos of herself in all possible everyday situations, to the delight of her fans. Big on social media, a misadventure at the tattoo parlour made her even more famous, well beyond her original community.

Google Translate is not always your friend

Initially, the young woman wanted to have the following sentence tattooed on her body: ‘Only God can judge my mistakes and truths.’

But then the young woman wanted to get the sentence tattooed in English, a language she doesn't know very well. She therefore used Google Translate, and trusted everything that appeared on her phone.

A serious mistake, since a bad translation led to irreparable damage. Naz Mila now has a completely different sentence inscribed in enormous letters across her body, which she proudly shared in a photo to all of her followers.

The Internet was, of course, quick to react - with a number of unkind comments made about the influencer's translation mishap. After a series of comments slamming her, the young woman blocked comments from her post - but that hasn't stopped her going viral.

Take a look at the video above to see the wrongly-translated message Naz Mila got emblazoned on her body...

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