These 10 flowers are toxic for your cat

Are you planning on buying flowers for your place? Be careful, some can be poisonous for your cat!

These 10 flowers are toxic for your cat
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These 10 flowers are toxic for your cat

The inside of our homes can often contain many dangers for our pets. This is especially the case when it comes to plants and flowers since some of them can be toxic!

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Don't be fooled by their beautifully structured petals, and the sweet fragrance that is so characteristic of them. If your cat ever bites into one of this attractive flower's leaves, you'll have to take it to the vet right away!


Although oleander is an ornamental element in many gardens, it is nonetheless a toxic flower for cats. And unfortunately, not only for cats, since its pollen is also very dangerous for bee populations.


Cyclamens are dangerous? Who would have thought! This houseplant, which can also be found in the wild from September on, can be very dangerous for our animal friends. Just one bite from them is poisonous!


Careful, here we are not talking about any mimosa, but the mimosa pudica. When placed in your home, its beautiful shimmering colours bring any space to life. However, much less so for your cat, as its leaves are in fact quite toxic.


Everyone recognises daffodils, those beautiful herbaceous plants which brighten gardens up at the beginning of the year with their yellow flowers. However, it is better to keep an eye on your flowerbeds since daffodils are in fact violently poisonous for cats... and unfortunately, for dogs as well!


Irises are plants that bring sunshine into any home, with their flowers which give off an absolutely bewitching scent. But if you are thinking of giving one to a friend, first check if he or she has a cat, since this plant can be very dangerous for pets.


Like ivy or Virginia creeper, wisteria is a climbing plant that adorns the facades and fences of many country houses. However, when spring has sprung and this beautiful purple flower starts to bloom, you'll have to watch out for the cat. The pretty flowers are unfortunately poisonous.


Large green leaves, bouquets of warm-coloured flowers... While rhododendrons may look harmless, think again. This flower that we all love to see blooming in our gardens can actually be very dangerous for pets if they eat any of it.


This pretty bulbous flower is welcome in any home since its pale colours such as mauve or white go perfectly with wooden furniture. However, you will have to keep a close eye on the cat if this flower ever appears on its territory. If it eats a piece of it, it risks serious poisoning.

Lily of the valley

Ah, the lily of the valley! This famous white and green flower is traditionally given to loved ones on May Day as a token of friendship and happiness... Who would believe that it is actually poisonous? And yet, our animal friends can unfortunately die because of the little white bells that seem so harmless.

So, if you have any of these in your home or garden, it's time to choose some new flowers!

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