This cat nursed a surprising litter

This mother cat behaved in an unusual way. She didn't hesitate to nurse little hedgehogs in need and was very maternal with them.

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The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze us. A mother cat had a litter. She then decided to nurse little hedgehogs in addition to her kittens and the video is simply adorable.

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This mummy cat did something amazing

The animal world still holds many mysteries. Animals that are complete opposites can become friends, usually to the delight of the web. A mummy cat had extraordinary behaviour with some hedgehogs. Allow us to explain.

This is the story of a cat who had just had a litter of kittens. For more than two months, she cared for her babies, feeding and protecting them. When her babies were old enough to fend for themselves, the mother was fortunately still capable of still producing milk for a few hungry mouths!

She nursed hungry little hedgehogs

The cat’s owners came across a litter of eight baby hedgehogs one day, whose mother had been killed by a car. Without a second's hesitation, they brought the hedgehogs home in the hope of saving them. They presented the little balls of quills to their pet, who immediately adopted her new ‘children!’

The mother cat soon took care of the hedgehogs and fed them. She looked after them as if they were her own children. Thanks to her generosity and love, the little hedgehogs were able to survive and grow up healthy. The cat did something incredible, impressing her owners. This mother cat is a real hero and was not afraid to take care of her new babies! What an amazing story!

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