Zodiac: Your favourite meal according to your sign

Tell us your zodiac sign, and we will tell you what dish suits your personality best!

Is there a link between our zodiac sign and our favourite dishes? This is what a recent study by Uber Eats suggests. The ready-to-eat delivery giant surveyed 1,000 customers to list their eating habits and preferences. As a result, it drew up food profiles according to the 12 zodiac signs.

So, who is the greediest, the most daring or the laziest in the kitchen?


Birthday: 21 March-21 April

Sign: Fire

Character traits: Dynamic and spontaneous

Cooking level: Average

Likes: Quick and good meals, improvised dinners, hearty dishes

Favourite dishes: A baked camembert or a cheese and charcuterie platter


Birthday: 22 April-21 May

Sign: Earth

Character traits: Epicurean and organized

Cooking level: Excellent

Likes: Traditional and convivial dishes

Favourite dishes: Mac & cheese and sushi

Sushi Andraz Lazic/Unplash


Birthday: 22 May-21 June

Sign: Air

Character traits: Curious and fond of new things

Cooking level: Good

Likes: World cuisine and sweets

Favourite dishes: A good burger, dumplings

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Birthday: 22 June-22 July

Sign: Water

Character traits: Creative and generous

Cooking level: Excellent

Likes: Spending time behind the stove, cooking for large parties

Favourite dishes: Salmon chirashi, spaghetti bolognese


Birthday: 23 July-22 August

Sign: Fire

Character traits: Demanding and passionate

Level of cooking: Mediocre

Likes: Ordering on Uber Eats (or being in a relationship with a chef) so that they don't have to cook the elaborate dishes they love so much themselves

Favourite dishes: Vegetable curry, tapas

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Birthday: 23 August-22 September

Sign: Earth

Characteristic traits: Organized and sane

Cooking level: Beginner

Likes: Healthy dishes and comforting recipes

Favourite dishes: Warm goat cheese salad, avocado toast

Avodado toast Fernanda Martine/Unsplash


Birthday: 23 September-22 October

Sign: Air

Character traits: Fastidious and versatile

Cooking level: Very good

Likes: Spices and sweet things

Favourite dishes: Chilli con carne, Spanish tapas


Birthday: 23 October-22 November

Sign: Water

Character traits: Hyperactive and reserved

Cooking level: Good

Likes: No-fuss dishes to share

Favourite dishes: Pizza, seafood platter

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Birthday: 23 November-21 December

Sign: Fire

Character traits: Joyful and adventurous

Cooking level: Excellent

Likes: Preparing gourmet dinners and eating street food in the evening

Favourite dishes: Naan kebab, risotto

Risotto Lucas Lobak Neves/Unsplash


Birthday: 22 December-20 January

Sign: Earth

Character traits: Independent and warm

Cooking level: Good

Likes: Italian food, simple recipes and good values

Favourite dishes: Caramelized pork, truffle pizza


Birthday: 21 January-19 February

Sign: Air

Character traits: Altruistic and curious

Cooking level: Professional

Likes: Simple and tasty dishes, sweet things (especially pancakes and galettes)

Favourite dishes: Lentil salad, pastries

Patries Mink Mingle/Unsplash


Birthday: 20 February-20 March

Sign: Water

Characteristic traits: Friendly and romantic

Cooking level: Professional

He likes: Grandma's recipes, fresh and local products

Favourite dishes: Pasta with ham, roast chicken

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