This is when you should get married as per your zodiac sign

Not sure about the date of your wedding? It could be written in the stars, let’s find out!

While some couples know instantly that they want their wedding to take place during a certain season or month because of the weather and the ambience they want, others have no choice and it can be difficult to choose a wedding date. If you believe in astrology, there is an ideal time for everyone to hold their wedding based on the time of year they were born, and this is when your star sign may assist you to pick.


Weddings are ideal for Capricorns who enjoy a little tradition. Spring is traditionally the time of year for marriages, so it's excellent for this zodiac sign.


Autumn will appeal to an Aquarian’s nature who enjoys being unusual, and because it isn't a particularly traditional season.


Since spring is such a beautiful time of year, with all of the vivid flowers and fresh life all around, a Pisces bride or groom will feel very at ease getting married during this season.


If you're born under this sign, you won't want to put off getting married. As a result, your wedding would be the first of the season in the springtime. Not that you're competitive or anything, but first is always better in your opinion.

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Taureans associate winter with romance, thus a wedding date between late October and early March is ideal. With all the nice candlelight and having friends and family around in a warm and close-knit area.


Autumn is unquestionably the best season for a Gemini wedding. The rich colours of fall leaves are bound to appeal to them with a high-capacity wedding venue.


This cardinal water sign enjoys spending time with their loved ones, so a cosy winter wedding with a large number of special guests is excellent. They would look for a venue close to home.


Because Leos are ruled by the sun, it's only natural that they prefer a summer wedding. They enjoy being in the spotlight and basking in the glow of everyone's admiration.


A summer barn wedding is an ideal choice for a Virgo, who is an earth sign associated with nature and all things rustic. Choose a location that helps you feel connected to nature.

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Libras are drawn to beautiful things, so they are likely to choose a season for your wedding that is both mild and attractive. As a result, the months of September and October are suitable for their wedding.


Scorpions are known for their unrivalled love, passion, and loyalty. Thus, winter is a suitable choice for such a memorable event.


Sagittarius is known for being free, independent, and wild at heart zodiac sign, so instead of being confined to an inside venue on your wedding day, you'll want to be in the wide outdoors during the summer season with the wind in your hair.

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