The best traits of the Leo zodiac sign

Leos always have a bit of a reputation as the attention-seeking ones, however, the sun sign also has many good traits.

Well, it’s Leo season, so we owe it to our shining Leos. Leos enjoy being in charge and receiving admiration from others. They are natural leaders and as magnificent and striking as the lion their zodiac sign symbolises. Being a fire sign, Leos are joyful, liberal and live life to the fullest. We have discussed the toxic traits of Leo, let’s take a look at the positive traits of this zodiac sign as per YourTango.


Leos are one of the most loyal zodiac signs of all. They give loyalty to everyone they are close to - be it romantic relationships or platonic relationships - and expect the same in return. They are extremely trustworthy and would probably take your secrets to their grave. If you’ve got a Leo in your life, you know they’ll always have your back.

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Natural Leaders

Leos are ruled by the Sun and it shows in their demeanour. The people of this zodiac sign are born leaders. They radiate positivity, confidence, determination and generosity which attracts people to them. Leos are dominant ones and they gain respect and trust in the workplace because of their overt dominance. Being a leader takes a lot of courage and passion and this zodiac sign has that in abundance.

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Leos are passionate and expressive and that makes them excellent lovers and life partners. However, their passion isn’t only limited to love, they are passionate about everything that they do in life. This passion and enthusiasm draw people towards them and thus, they end up being the centre of attention everywhere they go.

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