Here's The Sport That's Meant For You Based On Your Star Sign

Here's The Sport That's Meant For You Based On Your Star Sign

Each sign has its strengths and weaknesses. Looking to let off steam by practicing a sport but don't know which one? Find out which sport identifies best with your astro sign.

Aries: rugby.

You need a lot of movement! As such, an active sport will be perfect for you! Do you like water? Try jet ski!

Taurus: hiking.

Or other relaxing sports to reconnect with nature, like gardening or yoga!

Gemini: dance.

The cerebral one of the band. What suits you best is a sport that requires skill. You excel at squash!

Cancer: swimming.

Diving or fishing, all sports related to water are ideal for you!

Leo: running.

You are overflowing with vitality, so why not use some of that practicing an athletic sport?

Virgo: archery.

Robin Hood style! Go with a precision sport. There are plenty to choose from!

Libra: fitness.

You like to take care of your appearance, so fitness will come in handy!

Scorpio: marathon running or boxing.

A competitive sport also allows you to be in good shape!

Sagittarius: Basketball, football or solo cycling...your pick!

But opt for a sport that moves.

Capricorn: Climbing or skiing, you like sports that require rigor.

Yup, sports are no joking matter!

Aquarius: hiking or paragliding.

Either in your element (air) or have with your feet on the ground... As long as you are not locked up!

Pisces: sailing or kayaking.

Blowing off steam while having fun is possible!

Ruby Smith
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